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Martix Dozen Sleeper

Started by richi, March 06, 2017, 08:02:27 PM

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Hi @ All!
I´m new here - thanks for letting me join.
Been reading a lot about Matrix Systems, so I tested:
1) Testing Sites:
Kitchen Table
Online Live Dealer
Online Slingshot
B&M Airball
B&M Live Croupier
2) Tested Types:
One Dozen
Even Chances
Two Dozens
Five Double Streets
3) Testing Tariffs:
Without Money
With minimum stakes
Flat bet
Progressions - different types
4) Results:
All negative financial results
Too slow in Brick and Mortar Casino(B&M)
All Colums in the matrix ended up in just the same statistics als the whole matrix.
Any combination of colums did so too.
Online testing with money seems to deliver specially bad results.
5) Deductions:
None of this gets around the negative expectation.
The online casinos and the airball seem to be not so trustworthy.
A different approach needs to be found.
In the following post I would like to present my version and my reason, why it works.
All comments and improvent proposals welcome.


6) The Site choice for filling the matrix
I have chosen the B&M Casino airball for this,
my argument beiing, it should be at least nearest to true chance.
7)The way I generate the numbers for the matrix
I watch the airball and count only the balls I see falling.
Now and then, irregularly, I change the machine for another airball or leave away numbers as I like.
I bet now and then on a simple matrix game of choice; all with minimum stakes to ensure truth to fate.
I play for minimum loss only.
My tests have proven, that a numbers history generated in this way is just as good as staying true to one table.
8) Matrix width:
I have extensively tested from a width of three to 24.
They all behave just the same: for practicability I choose a width of 6 to 9.
9)The betting:
When going for real profit, I change from airball to live dealer casino and bet only after the ball has left the hand of the dealer.
10) Finding signals:
I check the colums of the matrix for dozen sleepers. I seek extreme sleepers.
Here an example from true play history:
My matrix was 5 colums wide, i.e.
From left to right, from top to bottom, the matrix was filled by numbers, which had fallen at different airball machines.
Some of the coups had been played with a simple 2-dozen matrix game in flat-bet mode, so the numbers were true to fate.
Because I am not obliged to play every coup, I took time to check the matrix and found in column 4 and 5 from bottom to top the 3rd dozen
was missing 31 times.
I changed site to begin the real game at the live dealer casino.
11) The progression:
I use Fibonacci 1-2-3-5-8-etc. to maximum money available.
If I have not enough cash with me, I continue after visit to bank.
I do not stick to one table, I take a break between bets at higher levels and change tables.
12) The reason why it works:
It is as improbable as a full hit in the lottery or that you will be hit by a stroke of lightning, that fate has chosen you to break the world record in sleeper dozen not appearing.
So therefore, you are on the safe side to attack.
And don´t forget, the later you hit, the more you earn.
Further examples from my live play:
In a 5 wide matrix, the column 2 of the matrix showed from bottom to top that the first dozen had not appeared for 25 times.
Attack on 1st dozen.
In a 6 wide matrix, the columns 1, 3 and 5 from bottom to top showed 3 hits in the 2nd dozen within the last 52 coups.
Attack on 2nd dozen.
Till now it works fine, but a little guts is needed, when much money is earned.
Good luck


Been playing this in B&M today,
and am still sitting on 2 Problems.
1) Most hits come too early and the bank gets away too cheap. (Happened today.)
2) What could be a good strategy to handle the lot of signals in the size of
0 in 17 or more coups
1 in 20 or more
2 in 27 or more
3 in 32 or more
4 in 37 or more?
Examples of what I mean:
In 20 Coups or more the third dozen has appeared only 1 time
In 17 Coups the first dozen has not appeared at all, etc.
All ideas very welcome.