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System I like to play.

Started by Bigmike79, June 05, 2017, 10:58:11 AM

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First off hi to everyone. New poster but long time reader. I've recently been experimenting with different "options" at my local land based casino and found a way that has been fun and somewhat profitable. There's a little volatility to it but in MY experience I've left +200 to +700 and have been able to play for awhile on THEIR money. As stated this is just something I've been playing with and don't know if it is someone else's system or not. I just wanted some feedback if anyone else plays or has played this way.....

I take 300$ with me. These are all 0/00 wheels.

When I arrive
I look at all the boards and determine which table the dealer "seems" to be pretty consistent with by looking which two columns are mostly hitting. For example table/dealer are mostly hitting numbers in 1/3 column.  I then place a 5$ bet on every number except #1 and #34 in column 1 and every number except #3 and #36 in column 3. ( total bet inside is $50 ). I then place a $50 bet on column 2.

After I get up a little I start buying insurance on the zeros. This insures that only the #1,#3,#34,#36 can wipe me out. If it hits a number in my first or third column I get paid. If it hits one of the zeros I get paid. If it hits a number in the second column I break even (free spin if you wish) If one of the 4 numbers that can wipe me out hits I chalk it up as a loss and go another spin( fingers crossed).....you can also change your numbers up within the columns if you see a switch but I try to stay where I start.

If dealer is rotated I sit out 3-7 spins to see if they are consistent. If not I color up and go check out the other tables. I haven't run this in any programs or anything to see long term down the road expectations but from my last 4-5 trips I've had a lot of fun playing this way and have made a little cash with it.

Curious if anyone else has played this way