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Manrique secret

Started by Swarm, August 25, 2008, 05:43:01 PM

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X person: Master Manrique whats your secret to win?

Manrique: Dispersion Surfing.....


Quote from: Swarm on August 25, 2008, 05:43:01 PM
X person: Master Manrique whats your secret to win?

Manrique: Dispersion Surfing.....

Bang on the money!

Knowing when the big waves might be coming, when and how to jump on them, when and how to jump off, how and when to jump back on, or when to avoid them completely, is the key the consistent winnings. Just like real surfing! Maybe I'm getting carried away because I've just won my 28th consecutive session by dispersion surfing...this is longest I've ever gone. And this has happened since I've tried to incorporate Manrique's philosophy into my game. Reeeespect![smiley=thumbsup.gif]


Hi chiken , I still need to write a lot , but on manrique phylosophy , is also very important manage the money as a very careful bussines man who is on sales.

By using common sense with this we get some interesting things like look the chips as the product we are selling and if it sell and we can afore it we can raise prices a bit and take some more risks on market.

And if it not sell , we can decrease the amount on bets and maybe take less risk on market (increase the numbers that we cover).

That is part of surfing.

We dont know when a big fall or big increase is going to happend but we know for sure it will happend.

So we create microgames that we allow us to survive until market go up then we switch for more agressive microgames maybe......

But Manrique say if common sense fail , all else is useless......



Hi Swarm,

Although things are going very well for me at the moment, I realise that I still have much to learn; and that it will probably take me several years or longer to build up a strategy that is always ready for whatever falls or increases the roulette table throws at me.

The idea of microgames is very interesting. At present, I abide be very strict situational rules that tell when to be bet and how long for. And when this fails, which it so far hasn't, I intend bet less when not hitting and then take more risks when I am. However, this strategy will undoubtably also fail sooner or later, so maybe adjusting my game to increase the coverage within small bets could be another strategy for me to consider - a method of battling the storm until the clouds clear.

Well, anyway thanks Swarm - please keep these great lessons coming. I feel that these lessons and what I've learnt from people like Victor and Lanky in the past few months is priceless.