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The Random Number Solution
July 31, 2017, 03:27:32 PM
A few weeks ago I printed out 100,000 digits of pi. Pi is not considered random although
it is very close to being random, as there are no patterns and it goes on forever.
Currently a computer program has calculated 10 trillion digits :swoon:

At present I am working on 28,000 digits. I am using the process for pi which I apply
to random numbers from a roulette wheel. The idea of the process is to discover, which
numbers are favourably placed during the probability distribution of the digits and those
that are definitely not well placed. With pi 7 is very well placed and 8 is in the worst

It is important to use numbers from a roulette wheel where the ball is spun by a dealer
and not electronic or program numbers PRNG. I discovered that 7 is in the worst position
and 18 and 24 are very favourably placed and can be referred to as Advanced numbers.
The remaining numbers fall into 3 ranks. 1st Rank 9,11 etc , 2nd Rank 3,25 etc and lastly
3rd Rank 7,21.


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