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Margie 1.2: An Eleven Dominant Odd/Even System

Started by Proofreaders2K, January 09, 2018, 12:46:05 AM

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Procedure: Track the newest 11 non-zero
Odd/Even outcomes.  Which is dominant?

Bet the dominant for eight spins, win or lose.

Example: 12,30,11,9,22,30,2,19,7,21,3

Odd=6:     Even=5

Bet Odd for eight spins.

Bankroll suggestion: Eight units
Attached is SpinMaster software to track Even Chances


Best you can do...track 11 spin....play the dominant for 7 times.
Why 7 times and not 8?
Because with 7 you play a system in a system....The 7 group!.
You play 7 times if you win you start again...
jf you lose you Add 1 unit on the lose units for the next 7 times.

WLWWLLW   4times win+=+1unit
LWLLWLL      5times lose=-3 units

Now play after lose session 4 unit for 7 times...
and at first win stop of retrack after 7 spin.