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3Q/A system.

Started by verrengia, January 19, 2018, 02:19:22 PM

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Hello,my question is:the 3Q/A sistem from Ellison is only for american roulette of also for european roulette?
There some one can give please an intelligent answear?


Hello Verrengia,

I got this info provided by Ellison to Kelly on another forum.
1) The 3qA was designed and tested for American roulette. Performance data from European roulette and computer simulations is still being gathered and is therefore inconclusive.

3) The dealer signature may contribute to the success of the 3qA. The numbers of both the "A" and the "3q" components of the 3qA have precise wheel arrangements, each located in opposite quadrants. These relationships are believed to tie into the dealer's technique for releasing the ball.

4) Beware of dealer shift changes. When playing in land casinos, try to avoid tables where another dealer is standing in the background, getting ready to take over. It is best to complete a session with the same dealer.

5) Regarding disqualified tables: It was also recently learned that the disqualified tables tend to perform better than the others! Start a new count right after the last number that let you know the table was disqualified. Doing so for the 23 disqualified sessions noted in Gamble to Win Roulette yielded 19 winning 2-1 bets and 24 losing bets. This works out to an unbelievable player edge of 32.5%!

6) Regarding "tread water" bets: while awaiting your wagering trigger, it is usually desirable to hold your seat, because you may be compelled to use table chips, which have to stay at the table. And it helps if the bet you choose conforms to the base 5 increments used in casinos. Playing the A and 3q bets together will form a $5 bet that relieves some of the monotony. The payoff is uneven, however, depending on which side hit.