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Testing this strategy!

Started by YNGWLF, March 08, 2018, 07:36:17 PM

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Hey guys,
long time stalker, first time caller.

I have been playing roulette, stalking the forums and trying different betting patterns and bet selections... and overall im DOWN - classic fail. It always started off super strong and ended up with a bust! I realized that short term winnings would eventually go broke using progressions and any system I tested on over 29k real spins and RNG would always end up crashing.

I put the wallet down and started test methods using excel and I think I found something that works! After 29k spins, I'm always seeing profits! Thought If someones interested to test a little more and let us know what you come up with could help!!
Here's how it works:

First, it's a flat bet system, so no progression.

Step 1. Bet on 1 unit on even money, I used Black/Red selecting the opposite of what it was 10 spins ago. If loss, go to step 2. If win return to step 1.
Step 2. Bet on 1 unit on 2 dozens, selecting the 2 dozens that weren't what spun 10 spins ago. If loss go to step 3, if win go to step 1.
Step 3. Bet on 1 unit on each 5 double streets, selecting the 5 double streets that wasn't what spun 10 spins ago. Win or Lose, Go back to step 1.

If 10 spins ago was a 0, just virtual spin with no bets.

That's it. I call it the mixed bag, what do you guys think?

I also added a screenshot of the graph with 29k spins.


Also forgot to mention, tested on a European wheel .