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Method to win 200$ per day
March 24, 2018, 05:01:38 PM
Automatic roulette can be your free cash atm.machine around the world.

But most people spend more than 30,000usd to 150,000usd to.learn.the trick

Roulette is beatable.

But not.all.and.not.always by you

Don't bet.on.solo player machine

Bet only with Many other player at same.time.

Then.Don't bring your.own.formula.to.apply on.that machine.not.create by you

See.the last.dozens.Bet

Try analysis.out.the.formula and.start.forecast by the formula.

If the machine is.on.normal.track and.not.crazy killing mode.

And.your.forecast can be accurate more.than.70% then.Bet it.!

If.you lost.again and.again and.only.win.small

Forget about it and.stop immediately

Even.at lost of 20@30%

Not.a.good day

Stop.lost 20-30%
As.slowly all.money will suck.in




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