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The already established - "Worlds safest roulette system" - REVISED..!!

Started by SolveitUK, April 26, 2018, 08:37:16 PM

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Hi Guys/Gals'...

I only came across this already known system with in the last few week's. Betting on the 1-18'S and the 3rd Dozen
at the same time leaving just the numbers 19/20/21/22/23/24 to loose on.

The progression how ever was so wrong if you ask me, the algorithim went like this with the first number representing the
amount of chips to bet on the 1-18 and the 2nd number is the amount to bet on the 3rd Dozen:

3/2 - 9/6 - 33/22 - 74/36

The system is quite simple, basic bet is 3/2 until you loose, once a loss has occured you move onto bet-2 (9/6)
but the system requires you to win twice to cover the loss and be back in profit before returning back to the
basic bet of 3/2.

But the system at bet 74/36 states:

If that bet loses, your next bet is 74/36.
If that bet wins, your next bet is also 74/36.
If that bet wins, your next bet is also 74/36.

So thats an extra chance of loosing there at a higher level of betting down the progression which isnt good but very
do-able as most the other 30 numbers do come in a lot more than the loosing 6.

It also states in 1000 spins the progression has never reached 5 losses. I myself have seen 6 but no more
than a handful of times in a lot of testing.

I have also come across this system available for RX so was excited with that as i've been playing it manually.
The RX has a further progression that goes: 3/2, 9/6, 33/22, 74/36, 240/160, 600/400

Now is it me or does that 4th bet of 74.36 not even make enough to cover the bet let alone to recover any losses.?
If you landed on the 3rd Dozen betting 36 you would win 108 yes.? yet the bet of 74+36 comes to 110. so that betting
sequence is totally wrong in my eyes as you loose - or have i missed something.? and the fact you must risk the 4th bet 3 times
before recovering is a bit too risky for my likings.


I have modified it a little.

Try this wageing algorithm. same again but each progressive bet does only need 2 wins to recover your loss before you
move back to the basic bet or 3/2

Bet on Low and 3rd Dozen simultaneously with the following progression:

3/2, 9/6, 33/22, 115/77, 402/268, 1407/938, 4926/3284, 17241/11494, 60343/40229

On a loss, move up one in progression and win twice - then revert back to basic bet 3/2

If at 9/6, wait for 2 wins in a row before starting from scratch.
If at 33/22, wait for 2 wins in a row before starting from scratch.
If at 115/77, wait for 2 wins in a row before starting from scratch.
If at 402/268, wait for 2 wins in a row before starting from scratch.
If at 1407/938, wait for 2 wins in a row before starting from scratch.
If at 4926/3284, wait for 2 wins in a row before starting from scratch.
If at 17241/11494, wait for 2 wins in a row before starting from scratch. (covers up to 10p system)
If at 60343/40229, wait for 2 wins in a row before starting from scratch.  (only covered by 1p & 2p system due to table limits)

Once you have tried that - try this....

On the above system you start to progress after a loss, and that progression could go to 3,4 or 5 betting progression level
and take some time and after that you get your 1 chip profit, takes a while yes.? IF you leave the progression until you have had 2 losses THEN just do one of the BET-3 (33/22) this will recover your loss and give you that 1 chip profit in one go.

Betting once on bet 4 (402/268) will recover 7 losses and a profit of 12 chips.

If you loose you simply go to the next progressive bet and continue the normal system to win twice before returning back to the basic bet.

Now the best place to play this Manually is Betvoyager because of their Nozer no zero table they have (takes away that
7th chance of loosing). Plus you can save as many personal bets as you wish so you can save the whole progression ready for

Ive added the system to the post i think (pdf), it shows the start balance needed for each bet level if paying with 1p/3p/5p/10p
and a few other winning loosing stats etc.
(bet 9 may not be included on pdf as it has only just been worked out and re-added to this post.)

Can someone please test and tell me how they got on. of course we all know the larger the start balance the better coverage so if you got pennys dont bother, investment is always needed. The thing is TABLE LIMITS so you cannot go past 8 bets on a 10p system because you would go over the table limit. (UPDATED) I've also  created a bet-9 for the 1p/2p system.

So this system now goes up to an 8 bet coverage up with the 10p system and 9 bet coverage up to the 2p system
and the wagering algorithm is correct to win twice to profit.

Dont forget to try the - let 2 losses go then hit ONE bet of BET-3 ;-)

Oh and one last thing lol....  i am no good with this scripting for RX and have created a post looking for S1n_D1zzy as his name is
on the coding for this system in RX - as mentioned this script is already available in rx and i need someone to make sure it only bets twice as it bets 3 times sometimes and it looses a little when it would of won only betting the 2 times.

Any coders that can do this please.?

i have the .dgt file with modified wagering and have also taken out the rule to swap from 1-18 to 19-36 on a loss.

I have been able to correct the betting and add the step progression from 6 to 9 which is offered
when activating the system and it does the correct betting amounts now.

Thanks for any feedback, you can use any chip value just work out your start balance needed.
The whole system if you run it up to bet 9 would come to 241371 chips.

Dont be greedy, on the 5p system this will take more than you can earn doing about 2hr a day. 1 hr with the 10p system.
Maybe less if you miss 7 looses and put a bet4 in there more regulary.

Thanks :-)