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Dear All,

Many people shouting WTF when the roulette number come out.

What that happen ?

This is because many electronic automatic physical roulette in Asia casino are rigged in Asia

they number come out can be always opposite of what we bet
please see link below for details

1st method of cheat
this show how the electronic , magnetic under the roulette, add with magnetic ball.

2nd method of cheat
below is video show the remote control casino can use for control the ball fall zone , red white , small big number.

3rd method of cheat
They install pin under the pocket of number, kick the ball out from pocket when needed.

4th method, they are now link internet and control from far, so you not see any people monitoring in casino, the manipulate hand is in far away , so it look all casino staff are not manipulate the result but they are manipulating on going.

so forget about the winning strategy, in this situation and this type of casino rigged wheel, all strategy is useless.

need to think of some new scientific method to solve this scientific rigged problem.

any one have any solution to it ?



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