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Test tools to create systems
August 27, 2018, 11:31:17 AM
I'm Vinny, I'm sorry I'm Brazilian and I'm using google translator.
I am a beginner and like many looking for to make money in roulette and in my researches I find a very interesting site in Italian with some strategies and tools that can be useful.
The site is this: http://www.laroulette.it/
And I found 2 tools that can be very useful
This one that measures the distance between the spins http://www.laroulette.it/risorse/spins-distance-tracker/spins-distance-tracker
And this http://www.laroulette.it/risorse/sistema-tracker-applicazione, a very interesting tracker
Here the index of applications http://www.laroulette.it/risorse
Can experienced people test to take advantage of these tools?
Thank you.


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