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Simple Outside Bets
September 27, 2018, 02:41:03 AM
Hello all. I am new to forum and contemplated posting my system.
First of all I wish to say I no longer gamble with real money as I am an addicted gambler and now choose to only play games with virtual money.

If you wish to use my system with real money try with virtual money first.
I can not be held responsible if you loose using real money.

The basis of system.
1. Most outside bets win in 4 spins. This gives 3 lots of 4 spins.
2. Having 12 even money chances gives high win rate.

Can it fail?
I believe it can and will as almost all systems do.

My testing has only been a thousand or so spins so early days.
However thought if some with more knowledge than myself may be able to tweak it to work.

My experience with roulette has been over last 5 or 6 years trying to win games with virtual money. I have spent many many hours on net and forums etc to try and win.

Now if you have nerves of steel don't read any further as you will be I'll.

So to the system.
1 Pick 1 of out side bets. Red Black or High Low or Odd Even

2. Have a bank roll of 8200 units

3 Start 1 unit win round over.
   Loose 3 units on same position.
   Stay with to win or 4 bets only.
4 If you have not win in 4 bets pick another of outside bets. Stay on it till win or 4 only.

5 If not won in 8 spins go to last outside bet. You now have 4 chances to win.

6 As I play I use Supper Marty. Yes I know. It can't win. That is 1 unit 3  7  15  31  63   etc.

7 For any who do not know bet method. Start with 1 unit loose double add 1 unit till win.

Now to final points.
I believe stay with same for 4 spins. If no win change. Don't go to other side of one used. That is DONT go Red  Even   Black.   DO go Red Even Odd for example.

I run with trend of last spin. So say Low was last spin. I start on low. If loose 4 times and last spin was even. I then bet even for 4 spins or to win. If loose those and last spin was Red I go Red.

In my time trying this I have been only to 9th step 2 or 3 times but most often not past 5th step.

Now with a good bet selection and money management I do think this may have some good to it.

Good luck all. Your Friend John.


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