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5% house edge in your favour (guarantee)

Started by ghost888, October 26, 2018, 08:39:33 AM

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I have a method totally innovative at the roulette that give you 5% house edge in your favour. For obvious reason, I am not ready to share. But do you know an institute, a revue,
... that would be interested to verify the method and would be ready to pay millions in case they can verify that the method works mathematically? They would need to provide a contract of course before I can share...


Put your method into Roulette xtreme and show us graph of results.

If you can have 5% over casino why not make millions by yourself? Why do you want to sell system that works perfectly


5% house edge is calculated mathematically but it doesn't mean it will work, at least not on the short term. In my method, you have to find the correct number, so in every spin, you have only one chance out of 37 to win. I won't share the magic how to go to -2.7% house edge to +5% but if we are losing by traditional method, it is not because our number comes every 37 times instead of 36, it is because results are totally unpredictable and sometimes we can make thousand of spins without finding the correct number so even with a 100% house edge, you could lose a lot of money.
And to be honest, it is totally impossible to make money on online live games or rng (100% rigged) (this method definitively proves it). Also, I managed to make money with baccarat but I got banished from 4 online casinos in no time so no need to dream too big...
I know I found something very big, something people would kill to get, but I don' want to gamble, I just want to be able to share once with big money. I am ready to prove the maths before accepting the money but I can't sell to someone lambda, it has to be something recognized worldwide, an institute that I know they will deliver as per promise. Any idea to who I should speak?


The ghost method (as 81.6% chance to neither win or lose anything lol) but interesting thing is there is only 7% chance to lose 300$ and 11.4% to win 360$  ;),  bye bye casino house edge lol.
Method in 4 steps. After each win, stop playing or go back to step 1. After losing the 4 steps, stop playing or go back to step 1.
Step 1: 10$ on a number and 10$ on same colour as number,
Step 2: 10$ on a number and 30$ on same colour as number,
Step 3: 10$ on a number and 70$ on same colour as number,
Step 4 (last one): 10$ on a number and 150$ on same colour as number.


Step one back to drawing board
Step two look closely / that you understand  any casino game properly
Step 3 no progression needed!! :good: