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My ANB System. Need your feedback.
November 22, 2018, 06:40:59 AM
Hello, all,
My name is Harry. During this time I only became a silent reader here.
Now I want to share my own thoughts and hope there are people who are willing to test whether they will get positive results.

Let's start.

I always play online roulette at SBO.
Roulette in SBO is European roulette.
I will name this method as ANB (All Numbers bet).

The purpose of the bet I mean is that we will make a bet for each number 0-36 (37 numbers) except for the cold number. We will throw 10 cold numbers based on the history on the board.

How to bet:

How to bet is very simple.
First of all, we will bet all numbers 0-36 except 10 cold numbers that we have thrown away and we will not bet the numbers we have won. The number we have won, we will consider winning.

How much should we bet?

We will start from the minimum bet. in my case, 25 units.
If each number we bet loses, we will add a bet of:

{(Payout * Bet Unit) + Total Bet Spent}: Payout

So, each number that is hit will generate the same income. Which is 900 units (25 units x 36). And we will leave when we already have all of our numbers.

Here I attach excel from my thoughts.

Are there people here who are willing to test? I will appreciate your feedback.

Forgive me for my bad English.