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MGM Grand Here I Come

Started by Roulette4Fun, February 22, 2019, 08:27:30 PM

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So I'm headed to MGM Grand in DC for some Roulette.  I'm looking to play two dozens and I'm looking for any good play suggestions.  All suggestions welcomed.  I have a long bus ride tomorrow morning to it will give me something to read and try out.  Not bringing a huge bank roll but figure 500 should be a start. 

So far I've seen suggestions to look at the 4th or 7th back dozen and bet against it which seems to work ok.  I also like the comment about stopping at 2nd bet and starting over... seems logical but to double or do the 1/3 progression to make a profit on the second bet is a decision too... break even or go for profit??  Well enough of my rambling, I hope you'll have some things that may be worth a try.