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An interesting combination of dozen progression, let's see what works

Started by Pablo450, March 01, 2019, 04:09:50 AM

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Hello guys, I recently ventured into the fight against the roulette. Yes, yes, I know many will probably say that you can not do anything, but maybe there are some people who succeed and I know one. I know there were people in the forum who were puzzling to get to a system. I live in Romania and I know a winner of the roulette game. He's a guy 40 years old alone and he's not talking to anyone. Once I managed to get some interesting ideas to try:

"Playing a dozen or dozens -based system with a specific progression"

It started with little money and now plays from casino winnings ......

What do you think ? I'm willing to tell you what system I've been trying till now that has not worked and we can break this down. I really want to win and I think we are capable of that.
I tried to watch him but he does not go to the same casino all the time and I do not have time to watch him all over the city. In addition, he now plays bigger amounts of money, and he's getting less and less casino. Change them always, maybe that's something .....