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To be addressed by experienced•seasoned•veteran players only.

1. In designing•devising an own unique approach • after your 100000(0)s of spins of experience • what has to be kept in mind or .. which underlying factors, principles, mechanisms & dynamics to [keep in] regard.

2. Also, since any 'system' that is rigid is overcome in the long run [& not just in roulette]
.. as so many pdf examples of them scattered over the clearnet birnt the many a player bankrolls

its essential to me that its MODULAR • & this should be regarded when addressing the point

modular achieves\gives leverage  meeting the pivot points offered by various spurs [of chaotic harmonics] cognized .. coming into appearance or 'germinating' I would say [usually such is perceived with loads of experience]

so with modules as soon as germination is cognized taking advantage of 'chaotic harmony interval' coming into play

& another advantage modular procures is multiplexity • such modules might be played\stacked linearly or layered multiple simultaneously when opportunities arise\manifest

i.e. even if very plain & basic, nonetheless figurative • no matter what I am presently playing .. & intutively observing [for any & every, & by intuitively meaning intuition built &or backed by loads of experience distilled into the hind of a man]  •  providing knowing that R\B•H\L•O\E tend to repeat 8x, even 15x & sufficient bankroll or profit alreay made to afford this • one module would be a situational betting positive repeat progression where occasionaly 1 unit is invested, .5 of the win spin is kept & half reinvested till the end of cummulative succession [or some other viable variant]; the unit being 10,100, 1000 or whatever determined at time being  • In such a way taking advantage of one of the aspects of chaotic harmomy In appearance, another might\could be wheel &or dealer bias exploited in various ways, etc.

when addressing though, write in simplistic terms for a novice to be able to comptehemd & focus really on point 1.



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