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Started by mr green, January 06, 2020, 06:03:27 AM

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mr green

Basically I got in contact with a guy on eBay about roulette system.

Then he was asking 500 quid for the system but was much so I didn't buy but after a couple of days I got reply about new offer.

It was not for the system but for him to tell me which numbers to bet. I send like 30+ results then he gives the predicted numbers to bet on.

Crazy, the guy is either psychic or really does have the know how.

After a couple of demonstrations he asked if I would be happy paying per prediction but we agreed 6 lots of predicted numbers for £100 everytime I made 100-300 for myself in profit.

Im now at £29k winnings thanks to him, I asked about the system but it seems he is only for doing predictions now.


Good luck to you all


Hi Mr Green, nice to meet you!
But you have that system?


My first thought is you're full of shit, and probably the seller himself or related. Thats why youre promoting him, repeatedly.