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For test - EC system

Started by steeefan2014, January 24, 2020, 05:04:59 AM

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I'm a really big fan of the RBRRBB system and I'm playing it for months now (live/RNG). Why? Because it's working (slowly, but working) and because using it on repeat it never happend to me to see more than 8-9 spins without at least a hit (most of the times, 2-3 consecutive hits in a row).

Considering this, I thought at a progression that I would like to share it with you for more tests:

So... the first 3 bets - let it ride. If you win 2 in a row, restart session.
If all 3 are lost, any other bet that follows gives a +1u profit.

Bottom line, we go like this: it's a classic martingale, just that only for the first 3 steps, we let it ride on more time if win.
But NEVER change the RBRRBB pattern.
If 0 hits, consider it a loss and move on to the next color in the pattern.

I'm open to any opinions on this "system".