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Jamie Hincks is a lying fraud from England UK
February 04, 2020, 06:39:24 PM
Jamie Hincks is a lying fraud from England UK who sells scamming roulette systems.

His fake name on the forums is MR GREEN.

On this forum he lied to victims by saying he bought some winning system off Ebay and made £20,000.

This is a lie and FRAUD. The admin here found the email address in his forum account and the email address he said was the guru's was the same or had the same name in it.

You can see the whole thread at

Jamie Hincks is just a FRAUD that hasnt been in jail yet. There are lots of scammers like this on forums.

When the admin caught this scammer out he had to come clean but still kept trying to scam people.

The admin still let him continue which is bullshit and Jamie should have been banned completely from the instant his scam was obvious. This is allowing free speech to go too far.

How can it get more obvious than him LYING about buying the system from some guy on ebay when it was in fact himself!!!