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USA/Canada online roulette advantage system players wanted profit share 50/50

Started by jomon99, December 13, 2020, 07:07:16 AM

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1. Looking for USA/Canada online live roulette players
2. will teach and share software to help beat online live roulette
3. must be willing to profit share net winnings
4. must keep track of each casino account, prove play etc.
5. must be willing to play at least 15hrs per week
6. must have min bankroll 20 bets bankroll approx $500 to play per casino account
7. must follow rules to collect data and then test  bet etc for effective bankroll mgmt
8. must have win 10 pc/laptop with x2 monitors

let me know if interested


see video of latest bot created - will teach how to operate and use as an operator/bettor for net profit share of each session - agreement
msg me asap if interested.

will provide video of latest bot in msg an/or email me at aknott999@gmail.com



I don't know, I don't think there's any software that can beat Roulette


I recently tried one interesting new strategy - Dustin's strategy.
Before starting the game, you need to divide the entire surface of the roulette wheel into 5 digital zones, as a result, each zone will contain 7 numbers:


Numbers 12 and 28 are not included in any digital zone.

Before entering the game, you must be an observer until at least one number from 4 digital zones falls out. Then the user enters the game and places a bet on the digital zone that has not been shown on the roulette wheel before.
The probability of winning on 7 numbers is at least 1 time in 12 spins.


I have just started playing roulette and realized that it is quite an interesting game. You really need to use several strategies to win easily.


"6. must have min bankroll 20 bets bankroll approx $500 to play per casino account"

willing to accept lower bankroll $200-300
20 bets required  at lower denomination 0.50c or 0.75c min bets

- also net 30% profit share and can provide betting bot to help get bets down in time,also automate bets if within rotor range
- will also collect base data and provide on how to collect same data and check before betting test first etc
using stopwatch and betting bot etc asp part of agreed partnership terms.

- also dublinbet casino as well