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Winspin - new online roulette tracker/calculator: Evolution, Ezugi, Progmatic

Started by winspin, June 02, 2022, 10:02:00 AM

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hi all

i'm new here. please don't hit too hard))

I made a web service with my friends. we collect an online archive of spins from 3 providers (ezugi, evolution, progmatic),
and count the series of non-fallouts of different values     (Red/Black, Streets, Tier/Orph/Vois/Zero, Corners, etc.).

especially for the English-speaking audience, we have made a small site -winspin.bet/en

we have a paid service. no demo access.
I am ready to give temporary free access to our service to moderators and admins of this forum, to check our service.

We will be glad to see both experienced players and beginners.

we also have an affiliate program. if you are a blogger or you have people who might be interested, we will be glad to cooperate :)

but I ask you, if you have questions, write them here in this forum.