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Tips for those who play the "Even Money" bets

Started by MR_Martingale, September 02, 2008, 03:21:58 AM

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The casino I frequent the most has 9 roulette tables.

I have personally defined each table.

One table is strong on black numbers and I call it "the black table".
When black numbers start coming up on this table don't even think about betting red!

When even numbers start coming up on this one table then you will see even numbers coming up all night long. (at a 80% clip.) I call this table "the even table".

When you play black/red or odd/even you're suppose to follow the wheel.

Anotherwords if you see three blacks come up,  then the next time you bet black.

After all how many times have we seen these streaks where 7 reds come up in a row - - or 6 blacks come up in a row.

We see it every day on these roulette scoreboards. (also known as popsicles)

But how many of you "even money" players  keep track of your first bet everytime you enter a casino? 

I always go in streaks. I might lose my first 5 bets, 5 times in a row. Then I will win my first 5 bets,  6 times in a row.

Roulette is a game of streaks!

So the other night I noticed I was on a "two day" first bet win, winning streak.  I had won my first bet two consecutive trips to the casino.

So I got into the casino and went straight to my "black table".
Sure enough three black numbers in a row had just came up. So instead of making a $10 bet on black I made a $25 bet on black. Remembering all of what I just stated.  And... Bingo a black number comes up again! Pay the winner!

Three days in a row now,   I have won my first bet after entering my casino.

OH Yes, I will continue to play the streak!



Hi Mr Martingale.

Thanks for sharing.
But there is very littel about how you use a strike strategy, can you give the members a littel more details.
I only see one suggestion to start after a serie of 3 if one colour is dominant.
This is a system libary, where we post complete systems, so plz add some thing more to this topic because ideas should be posted at brain storming section.
You could add an demonstration so we can see how its done, that would be great.

Happy winnings to all.

Cheers Lucky Strike


Yes please move my post to the "brain storming" section.