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Play 36 numbers, 2 seperate betting statergies

Started by MXkid77, September 08, 2008, 11:55:28 AM

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I have been intrigued with a win on every spin and I have come up with something that needs some input, so if anybody wants to help out, here goes. it comprises of two betting systems used at once. Needs work.

Bet 1.

It's based on the my LOT in another thread, the LOT requires betting on 18 numbers, and the numbers are the 1st 18 to be spun. Bet on all numbers, you will find it very rare that you bet amount will be 18 as there are repeaters which will only be covererd with one unit, regardless of how many times they have repeated in the fisrt 18 spins. These numbers are to be played for the next 18 spins totaling 36 in a session.

IE: 1,35,2,9,16,35,17,18,4,10,11,35,4,6,20,16,21,36. < first 18 spins. repeaters 35, 16, 4 will only be covered with 1 unit.

Bet on :1,35,2,9,16,17,18,4,10,11,6,20,21,36 = 14 units. Cover 0 for total bet of 15 units.

Prog 1,2,4,8,17,35,148 or 1,1,2,4,8,16,35,73 It usually does not go past the 8th stage but, I have seen it go past.

Bet 2.

Once you have placed the bets above, do the following. Cover the splits on all the numbers not covered, sometimes you will need to split with a single bet from bet 1, which is fine, if that number hits, all the better. Usually about 12 - 18 units, depending on the betting layout.

Treat this arrangement as two seperate bets, if bet 1 hits, progress on bet 2, , if bet 2 wins progress on bet 1. A win on any will drop the prog on that bet back to one.

The thought behind it, if one bet is losing, the other one is winning.........

After 36 spins, clear all bets and track the next 18 numbers to bet on.

It is easy enough to follow once you get going. Any idea's, suggestions or variances are welcome.