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September 09, 2008, 04:03:50 PM
BETS YOU CANNOT LOSE!                                     

       The Fast Free Beer:   
       Don't try this one on someone that doesn't have a good sense of humor.
Bet that you can drink three glasses of beer (or soda, whatever), before
they can drink one shot glass of whatever. Explain the two rules carefully.         
       1: You absolutely cannot touch the other's glass and they cannot touch yours.             
       2: You get a one beer head start and they cannot start drinking until
after you set your first glass down on the bar. Tell them this is your warm-up.   
       The Secret:         
       You drink your first beer and then set your empty glass upside down,
over their shot glass. Tell the bartender to keep your third beer cold while
you leisurely drink your second. Your victims can only stand and scratch their
       The Impossible Pickup:                 

       Place a dime or penny on a bar or table and place your hand over it.
You quickly raise your hand and close it into a fist. The coin is in your palm.
Yet when someone else tries it, the coin remains on the table.   
       The secret: Put your hand on the coin so that the coin rests on the
ball of your hand just below the third finger. Now just before you lift it,
press down hard and quickly lift your hand. The pressure will cause the
coin to stick to your palm just long enough to grab it as you lift your hand
and close your fist.                   
       Make Money:           

       Bet $10 or more with your victim that you can do the above.

Let him get one try before he decides to make the bet. Easy money and
if he by luck does it himself you have lost no money.

"When you go to a casino, always carry a concealed weapon... your brain." - VP Pappy