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Help create a real actual computer simulated wheel (oxymoron)

Started by gizmotron, September 13, 2008, 03:45:15 AM

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I think you are right, bliss.  Also, he said we could input our own numbers, like the ones I'm collecting from Microgaming.


OK, Bliss, yes, RunRev uses the Mersenne Twister pseudo-random number generator written in C++

It uses unsigned 32-bit integers to set a new random seed by default based on the milliseconds since 1970.
Revolution uses a new randomSeed every time the application is started up.

>set the numberformat to "0.00000000000000000000"
>put the long seconds intp xTimeNum
>put char 15 to 22 of xTimeNum into holdSeedValue
>set the randomSeed to holdSeedValue

This better process produces a monster of a number that will always be a better random seed value, RunRev automatically does the bit-wise operations on the numbers when adding the seed value when getting random numbers.

If this sim is doing one spin at a time then this would be random enough for anyone. I was going to add about 12 layers of this kind of randomness just to get each spin. So for each spin it would set the new seed. It would then move through the twelve steps acting on the changes caused by each level's own random possibilities. It would be from millions of possibilities to chose from. That's millions, times 37/38 slots to land in. All that based on a very good RNG for each step to start with.

Sam, it looks like Victor will create something that everyone will want. I just wanted to put an end to all this "RNGs are suspect" stuff. I now have a truly random technique anyway.



I can only speak for me.  If I had a system I had played for thousands of spins and I went to a Casino and played RNG for real money and I had the exact same results over 5,000 spins, I would be satisfied that they are honest.  Now "exact" doesn't mean right down to the number.  It means that if my system normally profited 20% and it continued to do so on RNG, then I could trust it.

I will never, ever, trust the "Play" RNG feature. 



I won't bet on-line at all. I could create a cheating method so easy if I owned the casino. The only thing that works is live play and a real wheel on-line.