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Crossings Checker vr2.5

Started by bjb007, October 14, 2008, 12:55:31 AM

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Show/hide graphs, see the table layout for
better betting decisions.


In Members Downloads with help file
and spin file.


soory bjb,

but there is an elementary misunderstanding on your side.

I presume it is the notation you use.
change the lower window
don´t use this hill and valley just make one line of counted hits for each number.

example from the picture above:

2 4 3 2 4 5 3 6 7 5 3 3 2 2 2 1 ........

if you then put a selection on it like:
count all 0
count all 1
count all >1
count all 2
count all >2

you will get the right results.



I thank you for your work to build a checker. but you didn´t succeed yet. sorry


Great job bjb!

I like the diagram with the green boxes showing where to bet. Maybe
just showing the layout felt numbers there, but keep the green selection
boxes working the same as they are, would help to see what numbers
to bet.

And the graph lines are moving the right way now! Although, and
I hate to nit pick, but the line labels are the wrong way around.

">1" should be labeled "1 hit" , and "1 hit" should be labeled ">1".
Same with 2 and 3.

I guess a useful quick change to the bottom window would be to
show the number of hits along each row instead of the non-hits.
Then you'd at least know how many are in each group, similar to how
my Track2 software displays number of hit once, hit twice, etc.

Thank you for the good work!


Quote from: bjb007 on October 14, 2008, 12:55:31 AM
Show/hide graphs, see the table layout for
better betting decisions.


In Members Downloads with help file
and spin file.

Hello bjb,

Credit must be given to you.thank you for your hardwork to create the software,if its successful,it will help a whole lot of us interested in winkel's GUT and it will cut down a lot on paper tracking.I guess winkel's not trying to be hard but I think if we wanna do something then we do it once do it good isn't it?So its back to the grind again and once winkel gives the green light,it will be all perfect.

Really appreciate your hardwork mate,it really help people like me and a whole lot of others



Here's a recommendation.

Can you display the numbers as the lay on the wheel, rather than in a numerical order?


Booray, the line mistakenly labeled >1 is actually =1.

=1 is the line that goes up and down, but it got mistakenly labeled as >1.

Herb, there's already a button labeled "wheel", that orders the numbers
as they lay on the wheel.



"I guess a useful quick change to the bottom window would be to
show the number of hits along each row instead of the non-hits."

Don't really understand.  The numbers at present show hits.
Do you mean "show the number of non-hits...."?

My programming experience has taught me that it's
better to only have one representation of a variable
in code even if it's used a number of times.

The rows of numbers are counted and used to produce the graphs.
If the right numbers are in the rows then the graphs
are right.

Would need some code changes which I'm not much inclined to
do at present but will keep in mind.



Sorry, my fault for being vague. I was referring to
the numbers running down the extreme right hand side,
all those 37's that count the non-hits for each group.

Maybe they could count hits instead. Only if you're
inclined to, of course. You've done a lot of work
already. The software is tons of use as it is.
I wouldn't blame you for needing a break from it.



On the basis that bets are always on unhit numbers
in a particular line that seems a logical mod.

Will include it in the next (last?) update.

Also considered buttons to display particular
combinations of graphs since Sam says he
only plays some combinations.

Any ideas?



No, please don't add any more graph buttons. Combinations
don't work, and they're not part of the system. So if you
were thinking of adding a button for say 1+3, don't! 

The ones you have are correct: 0 hits, 1 hit, 2 hits, 3 hits,
>1, >2, >3.

Also, bets are not always on the unhit numbers, just to clear that
concept up. If there is a crossing between say 1 and >1, the bets
would be made on all the numbers that have hit once.
Bets are on the unhit numbers when there is a 0 vs something crossing.

OK, something like this for the bottom window might be cool:

2       2              |  7|   <---  this starts at 0 and counts all the 2 hits
1   1  1   1  1      | 18|   <---  this starts at 0 and counts all the 1 hits
31 32 33 34 35 36 | 19|   <--- this extra number could count the un-hits
                         |___|            (starts at 37 and counts down)

A crossing can now be seen numerically as well as graphically.

Now since this might be your last update, there are a couple of
cosmetic flaws that can be touched up.

The color legend at the top is still backwards - clicking 1 Hit shows the
correct line on the graph, but >1 on the legend lights up.

Pressing RESET should also grey out all the colors in the legend.

Also, after pressing RESET, and then clicking one of the graph
buttons, lines appear with data from the session before RESET was pressed.

Again thanks for the hard work.


Hi All,

is this fantastic program still present?

I can't find it !

Thanks a lot

Best Regards


For god's sake, somebody please tell where is members downloads area???