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Disrespect? Pirate site? What are you talking about? I looked up the titles by author and bought a book, one that my nose has been in since I got out of work today.  And of coarse I'm going to keep it for myself.

As for, I can not deffend but I have done nothing reprehensible excepts maby a fo pah, and some of that very poor spelling I'm known for.

Inform me on how I was disrespectfull, and I will appologise for it.


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Speaking of appologising, sorry about the last post.  I must have written it before reading the entire thread.  It's been a long day and I jumped down your throught.

Forgive me?  ???



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Ofcourse I forgive you, It was totaly my mistake that caused your reaction..


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hy kimo!
i bought your book,the european roulette book,but......i still don t know how to predict the exact roulette number!!!!
can u give me more clues?or can u expain......?