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Started by nireaper, November 29, 2008, 09:37:41 PM

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I have a set of rules and targets that I set myself when trying to make a profit from rng, these are only my ideas but they obviously effect how I design and tweak systems to suit those targets.

Inital goal is to make £10 from casino in a day - a tiny amount but the challenge is to make it consistantly. I use automated betting systems so if you can be certain to make £10 per casino per day there is no limit to how many casinos you can run in a day and that figure becomes more attractive. The £10 winning can be made from any size of bets from progressions starting at 10p to placing one bet per day of £10. But the rule of winning long term stands , so if you only place 1 bet per day then over a long period it must still show profit.

The system can use up to 100k spins per day as using an automated system this is about the very maximum number of spins you can get in a day. If the system is very complicated this figure must be reduced as the increase coding will affect the number of spins you can hit per day.

If I use a progression in the system the maximum drawdown is £200, if a system goes over this it must be adjusted to reduce drawdown.