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Started by nireaper, November 30, 2008, 09:28:18 AM

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Very basic system , waiting on a dozen or column to not hit for x amount of spins then bet on that dozen to apear. It uses a basic martingale progression of 16 steps - starting with 10p bet your total outlay is £159.7 if you loose complete progression.



Results Below are based on waiting for dozen or colum to miss for 20 times then start betting on it to appear.




Test 2 shows a loss in the progression -as always a big downside of progressions. This system would be designed to use 10p bets you must divide the results of rx by 10. Although this system shows a loss on the spin2 set if you put results of 3 sets together is does still show a profit. You can increase how long to wait before you place bets but your bets then become too infrequent to make any profit, if you increase profit size you are also then increasing the size of the downswing.