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How to find a consistent bet the Enrique way.

Started by enrique malou, December 03, 2008, 07:27:24 PM

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where the hell is ryan and nobody?they always wanted to learn from enrique


Ryan went to the darkside I think....to Herb that is :D


Dear All,

Sorry, been busy lately. Starting my first contract job..lol...


The way I understand Enrique's method...

Enrique has different method to look at how the "trend" of the numbers are going...

I've read a few of his post and found out that he has unique ways to "code" every number...

Sort of like Lw...but different...more complex and in detail...

So back to this "consistent bet" method...

After getting the 3 groups of result using both wheel, we can analyse the "trend".

We can know which is "missing"... and which is "repeating"...

If it is very obvious that certain group is "missing", keep on betting that it will remain missing.

If the "result" show that the group always has a "repeat" in the result, bet for the group to repeat.

Ok now...

As for how we are able to "calculate and get" the bets in time to bet, we need to do some "homework", like what Enrique is doing now.

That is to calculate "in advance" what bets to bet if the "trend" is missing or remaining...

It is a very very very tedious work.

To be honest, most of Enrique's method that I have read shows on how to "spot" the "trend", but little info on how to "manupulate" each trend.

It is difficult to come out with strict "rules" on when to ride the "trend/waves" because the trend may change or maintain...

I too have lots of question to ask Enrique on how he plays and ride the waves...

I believe "human decision" is needed in his technique.

Anyway, this is just what I understand and think of Enrique's method.

Just to share out.

I am willing to learn more, but more info is needed from Enrique.

Hope to hear from him soon.

All the best!

Nobody ^.^



I think the only way to use this method is with a lot of practice or training with it (the problem of laying the bets in time).
Other way is if someone can code it in a xls file maybe or in a software program.
TTT have already posts a table with the relation between 2 set of numbers.
Where is bjb???



Quote from: TwoCatSam on December 18, 2008, 01:51:04 AM
Here's the way I calculate it.

In each group there are fifteen different eliminations.






Now take 15x15x15 and the equals a whopping....3,375.  That is how many different ways you would eliminate numbers.  Does anyone agree/disagree?

Would some math person look at this?



Do you concur with my math above?  If so, before some soul could enter all these numbers into a spreadsheet, someone must first ferret them out one at a time. 



Hi Sam, This may not be a workable solution and it is just an outside the box thought here :-), Instead of making copious notes of the numbers to take away from the 37 numbers available, why not just show the numbers to bet on. Then after each new spin result each number to bet on would need to show the last 3 times otherwise skip it. This may be a dumb idea but who knows?? Certainly be easier to program up in excel (less numbers maybe)

Cheers Sedge


Hey Sedge......

I certainly don't pretend to understand the system, but I think you must cross off all the "dead" numbers to get to the "live" ones.  Enrique will explain when the time is right, I'm sure.



Sam, It was just that I was thinking as we need the codes i.e. 1a, 2b 3c etc. to establish the no shows(missing) numbers.

Given that there are more missing or to be crossed off than there will be numbers to play it might have been easier to set up some spreadsheet style of identification of the ones to play rather than the ones not.

It will sure take some large calculations to get the result either way.



I'm sure this system works well, but I'm missing something important.

Enrique, would you be that kind and make a comment to my session.
What did I do wrong?

Thank you very much in advance!

enrique malou

Hello Trylobit.

I have not spent much time on this thread over the last few weeks because I have mostly spent my time working on a method which is simpler to operate in the casino. I will go over your testing tomorrow and tell you what I would have bet and when.




Thanks a lot! I'm looking forward to you your comment!


Well this has been dead for quite some time... :)

Anyway I made a small program to in order to find easily the numbers to bet, and I did some testing to check this out. Well the results were pretty dissapointing. I never even got more than 2 hits in a row. Maybe playing very short sessions (around 10 spins) you can make some profit (if you are lucky). But usually it was a loser...

Unless of course Enrique you play this diferently than explained...

My Best Regards


i charted 2 cds by marker the way Enrique did and tried to use it the way he explained it didn't work for me, maybe i did something wrong, i don't know. maybe should try again.