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Anyone know any legit Live Roulette Casinos for U.S players?

Started by Hayaatt, January 18, 2009, 07:04:52 PM

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I suppose I must be "grandfathered" in or something.  They obviously know I'm from the USA.  I do know this: Of all the Grand Prive casinos, only Bella Vegas has a live wheel.



any one tried this casino

nolinks. bogartcasino. com ? got live dealer and accept US players.


I've played (actually tested only as I'm primarily a bac player) the live wheel roulette at Bet Phoenix and it worked just fine for me as a US player.

Payouts show up on time and other than the occasional network slowdowns at night, it's been pretty decent to me.



I only know of three that offer live roulette in the US.
sportsbook.com, bogarts casino, betphoenix.
I can not recommend them sue to the fact that I know nothing about them. Any one have experience with them?