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Started by waaahome, February 05, 2009, 06:45:47 PM

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Well hello everyone, been watching vlsroulette for a while from behind the scenes and I must say WAAAHOME is on to something with his GrandPa System. I love it, so far I’m playing rng where I live and with a little mixture of this and that which helps me great with this system. What I do is spin a few times at least 6 times without betting and without any doubles from the Ds showing up and then I jump in, but I add progressions. Thus far between the 1st and 7th progression I’m hitting it. It’s been about 4 days straight and I’m loving it. I’ll post in a few days to tell my update, hope it carry well into the end of the year, heck for the rest of my life 🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑


the numbers are
2.     d9
in this case we have to bet at street that contains 9 and the 2 neighboards streets. i have to make the bet flat or i can make it with progression  2,4,6,8,10.   is that correct?

if i have not a win i see next spins without betting( fiction game) and wait for a new D.  is that correct?

now if like the example of d9 it continue this form
2.    d9 / 36
19.          17
5.             1
at this point i had bet 2,4,6 to try to win with d9 but if now the new number is for example 3 i have a new d3.
2.         d9/ 36.     d3
19.               17
5.                   1
i have to continue the progresive bet with 8 waiting the d9 or i have to forget it and bet to the new d3 in a new progression with 2 units?




was this system put in automation for RX?
i would like to make some tests, sharing results.


Not sure about RX , I tested it , results are dependant on how good you are at recognising when the repeats are coming, if you're good at that then it's a good system , plus Grandpaa uses a progression.

So if you're good at guessing when repeats are due go for it, other wise it doesn't have an edge over the house.




Waaahome is your method your profession? How much do you win on average a month?


Halo World,

That is correct.
I did share with you my system.
And yes it works,
And yes if you do not understand it go back to the beginning.
And pls don’t be rude.


I tried this in 8 continues days. Stop loss at 525 i take make $150 a day. After like 3 days it’s losing once.

After 8 days not sure which direction it’s heading. My session is around 30 min per table.

Around 1.5 hours i am at the exit door already.

Right now its killing time a lot 👍


Keep going.
And if you do it enough things will become easier as you notice how to tweak what is to become the winners way.



34/4.        13/5.       23/17.   It also catches around the fourth time
     14.            34.             8
     23.            24.            32
     33.            10.            24



Quote from: waaahome on March 13, 2022, 12:43:08 PM
Keep going.
And if you do it enough things will become easier as you notice how to tweak what is to become the winners way.

Does progression In this strategy is continuous or it need  wait a new trigger  when lose for apply the next step progression?