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Started by alarian, February 17, 2009, 02:44:12 AM

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The European Roulette Book: Innovative Strategies for the Single Zero Roulette Wheel
by Kimo Li

Get the Edge at Roulette (Scoblete, Frank. Get-the-Edge Guide.)
by Christopher Pawlicki
Link to item on Amazon

Stanford Wong's BJ21.com - Blackjack, Poker, Craps & Other Beatable Casino Games.
This site is dedicated to teaching players actual ways of becoming an advantage player in the casino.
Site started by the legendary cardcounter John Ferguson (alias Stanford Wong).


[highlight]Roulette Probability[/highlight]
If you think you can beat roulette by looking at previous numbers themselves to predict the future. If you ever think "Hey this line hasn't come up for 19 spins, what are the odds of it NOT happening?!" These are the links for you.

Kon-Fu-Sed's Multi-million spins statistics.
Best statistics there are these actually cover billions of spins.

It will not happen in your life time.
This topic deals with the fact that statements such as "it will not happen in your lifetime!" when it comes to Roulette, are always wrong in the long run

Roulette Probability Made Easier
Best there is. Just read it...