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Software... Blackjack Bonus bot, Blackjack Card Counter...

Started by alarian, February 17, 2009, 07:58:57 PM

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What do you think would be reasonable of the below?

You should take half of what the cheapest selling product on the market goes for.
You should rely on paypal donations.
You should provide basic, fully functional, free software and sell the same program with more advanced features.
You should dedicate your time to us unknown people for free! Hey man you said this was all going to be free! I knew you were going to try and sell me something!!!
Give it to me for free... You should already be making enough considering your claims!


I'm going to take the time to provide a Blackjack Bonus Bagging bot and other software that will aid you on your way through the methods I'll be teaching in this course.
This post will be extended with the rest of the software as a lesson related to it is published.
You will be able to change your vote at any time if you would want to do so in the future.
Let me clarify that in order to finish this guide you aren't going to have to pay me a penny. However, more advanced versions of each software will be available at a reasonable price.
Examples of features of an advanced version would be
Program Optically reads numbers instead of you having to input them manually
More configurable parameters
Personal Customizations.

I'm also working on a Blackjack Card Counter.
The basic version will need manual input of cards and you will need to play manually.
The advanced version will be fully automated, with option to just leave it, Optical reading of cards and all.

Last, I've been starting the outline of a roulette predictor program.
I don't know how I'm going to finish this yet but the basic outline is that it's going to work on online Live wheels.
The program will read the speed of the wheel and the average speed of the ball and calculate the most probable hit.
You can then bet adjacent numbers. It should be enough to overcome the house edge.

I've been contacted by Playtech. Somehow they found out that I was going to make a program that abuses the Number generator for Roulette.
Atleast I think so because I haven't been contacted by them for atleast 4 years...
They sent a reminder mail to all current and previous programmers and consultants that have been involved in the production of the software.
The reminder was about the contract agreement. I don't want to risk being prosecuted even if the chances are slim.
I can tell you this though, since it's considered as individual speculation without any sourcecode proof.
When you start an account at any casino using Playtech software and start playing Roulette straight away, the numbers will spread more even than a
true RNG. This will result in the Gambler's Fallacy to "work" for a while in the beginning. If you make a maximized amount of bets following any
"Wait for X *Betselection* to not hit" with martingale progression, you are going to be playing free of risk.
This gives new players a sense of "Hey I can beat this" and it's meant to get players hooked.
.pdf-files with scam "Free sure winner systems" are produced and distributed by casinos.
Any game where the gambler's fallacy applies will have these characteristics.
I can't reveal it all and I can't make a bot that will abuse this feat...