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Started by Ronjo, November 25, 2007, 07:57:23 AM

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Hey Ronjo,

Sorry to hear about the seperation mate.

all the best to you. You know, roulette and life has so much in common. We try to win at both but the odds are always in both cases stacked against us. Keep your chin up mate, you will get through.


Kimo Li

Hello Ronjo,

This is my third marriage.  If there is one thing I learned is that I can only be responsible for myself and my actions.  I learned that I have no control of what other people do, say, or hear.  Trust me, move forward with your life and you will cross paths with new people, decisions, and adventures.  Life is just that way, a journey.  Who knows, maybe the path will re-trace itself with better understanding.

Take Care,

Kimo Li



sorry to here that ronjo, i went through that also but it made a better man out of me and it will make a better man of u also, just give it time,you will see what u get in the future is much much better. stay strong and dont do anything crazy in the mean time. 8)


Thanks for the support guys,it wont be long and my life will be on track again, I will be posting shortly and moving on.
Vic thanks for the vote of confidence I appreciate it and am honoured Bud.



Hey Ronjo - glad to hear you're pulling through it! - I not long ago helped a mate get through a nasty separation, it can get quite hard I understand.

Family & friends are all that matter through these times... Positive thoughts focus you toward doing positive actions.

The pain never goes away, we are just humbled at our own capacity for strength to keep going.

- Wiggy


Hi Ronjo
Steve here - Long time no see! I've really had not much to do with Forums now because I'm busy implementing my own strategy at the local casino whenever I get the chance.

Sorry to hear about the dreaded separation - been there, done that when I was 30. Funny but I thought I was "grown up" until then. Gave my young ego a hell of a battering (as well as the bank balance) but I came through it and now have two lovely boys who are adults now and producing grandchildren for me! Wouldn't have happened with the first wife!!!

Anyhow - hang in there my friend and who knows I maybe able to meet up with you in the near future in the great continent of South Africa. Almost had the chance to visit Las Vegas for a week earlier this month but the notice was too tight. My son loved it and said I would have gone crazy!!

Hope your strategies are working well and the book progressing - anything I can do just ask.

Kind regards
Steve   (Remember all you people out there I am not Stephano just plain old Steve)


QuoteSteve   (Remember all you people out there I am not Stephano just plain old Steve)

Yes sir, GOOD OL' Steve... Morgan  :)

Nice to read you my mate. Thanks for stopping by. Having your pressence around makes good to the board Steve; it is inspiring for others to see there are success stories with roulette and methods spawned from the ones you read through the net.

Kind regards.
Your friend,



I have never quite abandoned your "Aardvark"!  I mean the system of picking columns.  I have an idea to merge it with another system that picks columns, but does so quite differently.  I want to see if there is a "double-advantage" system here waiting to be discovered.

I have never revealed your system, only said that it mechanically gets as close to even as any.  In the event I spawn a winner, may I publish it to the forum?  If you're still selling your system, I wouldn't want to do that without your permission.



Hi Steve,

Great to hear from you,things have been put on hold the last couple of months,but I am in motion again,thanks for the offer to help its appreciated as you have been a great help in the past over at RR.Geez Steve Las Vagas would have been good.Yes I have been doing well with my play.I have not forgoten your dear old columns method are you still using it.Every now and again I use that and my old street method for a a few spins and still crack it,although we are playing the table instead of the wheel,I will be posting that method (streets) here at VLS plus many others in the next couple months.