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when are we going to get started?

Started by See_Jerek, March 30, 2009, 04:43:37 PM

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Hey hey...... ;)

Everyone's waiting to be a millionaire........
When shall we make the 1st step......


Hey See_Jerek,

I am going to buy the bot recommended by alarian today or tomorrow. First I am reading some forums about bonus bagging to be sure I do it ok. Also keep in mind that some bonus offers are already gone, so I just hope there will be enough to profit good.

I am reading terms and conditions for bonus in some casinos, and it seems:

1st- Any form of Blackjack doesn't count for bonus wager requirements.
2nd- Bonuses will be automatically removed from players accounts after a withdrawal request, so you only will get your initial deposit .... ???



I have checked 5 casinos so far, none of them qualifies for bonus bagging  :-\ .

Seems like they are very aware from this..



Hello JD,

Money makes the world go round,we are not paying  Alarian anything,he is also not obligated to help us.I am also inerested to generate some small income with this,its conservative and safe.You win lesser takes more time but it all adds up.Now you buy bot at a price I am sure the seller will help you with all you need,afterall you are a customer.To be honest I would like to get one myself,so that I do not have to wait and can start making small bits of cash here and there.No offence to Alarian but god knows how long he is going to take,money motivates people to get things done.We are not paying Alarian anything at all,he did it all out of good will for us. You buy a bot from a seller,I am defintely sure he will guide you how to use and where it can be use,its their job you play them for it.

For this reason,I always prefer to pay people to get things done for me,I feel that things happen faster when you are getting paid to do something.