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…a quick word on: INTERVALS

Started by Number Six, April 02, 2009, 09:41:39 PM

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Number Six

...a quick word on: INTERVALS

The theory of the interval (or rotation) is more complicated than it appears and spawns some common misconceptions.  Traditionally, according to the law, an interval is 37 spins, and as play advances these intervals make up streams of sub-intervals, the backbone of the game.  However, and importantly, a more accurate definition of an interval is..."any amount of consecutive spins that does not exceed 37."  Subject to immediate priorities during an attack, an interval can be as short as is required and can end when goals have been achieved, a fresh interval beginning immediately on the next spin.  The law is constantly self-generating on every spin, so new intervals and sequences are produced each time the ball is released.  The player, though, cannot possibly be alive to all situations and is therefore restricted to managing only the intervals and betting opportunities the mind can easily compute (disregarding access to tracking software).  As additional intervals are commencing on an endless cycle, they are arranged in a structure of sub-intervals that can be fixed or changeable.  See attached for an example.

The structure (the staircase) is built on a spin-by-spin basis and never stops. Perhaps, as the sub-intervals overlap, they will create purple patches of numbers that are vulnerable and can be attacked heavily...but only if a formula can be devised to notify the player of when they are present.

As it's expected that no interval will last the full duration of 37 spins before the method has concluded a successful attack, it is certain that the player should be unconsciously jumping through the sub-intervals to find the next betting opportunity.

Sun Tzu said: The skilful fighter puts himself into a position which makes defeat impossible, and does not miss the moment for defeating the enemy.

Feel free to discuss intervals in this thread.


Number Six