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Too simple?

Started by Mr J, November 28, 2007, 09:50:38 PM

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Mr J

I always wonder about the easy approach to a method instead of something so complicated. Yes, a high BR involved, nothing I can do about that. I'll give an example of what I mean. This is not a method (not yet), just my thoughts. Say you use a long TWO number progression. It is *INEVITABLE* that two different numbers will show up in the same street on back to back spins. (the 11 hits, next spin the 10 hits). Say I use a two number progression, 1-45. Lets say rule one is that this occurence must NOT happen for a min. of 15 spins. After the 15, start progression. Thats 60 spins total. If a zero hits, wait until the NEXT spin, pick up where you left off. Was thinking about this today while driving!!  Ken


Hey Ken,

I think you're right - sometimes the simplest methods turn out to be great.  For example, I use a version of Turbo's "4,5,6 Street" method with great results, and it's one of the easiest methods I use (very simple tracking).



 ;) I am the last one to disagree with anyone! I have however started using a system where I track the last 17 numbers. If a number appears more than once, I still count it as one. I then bet one unit per number tracked. I have had great results. (Fun money though!) The point I'm trying to make though is that in the 2 hours I played the other night, some numbers which didn't feature in my 17 tracked numbers, didn't come up at all. Unfortunately I cannot tell you how many spins, but I assure you it was quite alot! Other numbers constantly repeated which was highly enjoyable!  [smiley=lolk.gif]

Anyhow I'm not saying you are wrong, I am just saying you are not right!  ;D  Just kiddin, I think though that it is very possible to have numbers not appearing within 60 spins. Except for that, one could basically sit for a 100 spins, and then if any numbers didn't appear could start betting on those. Still I believe more in trends and would rather bet on the numbers that appeared, but I do not think that anyone is right or wrong, maybe just a matter of choice. [smiley=beer.gif] I do however think that betting only on two numbers are a bit tedious and takes away some off the excitement. That's just me though. If it was the holy grail I'd also use it ... permanently! ;D


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