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Advanced Roulette 'a constructive debate'

Started by Mr Chips, April 14, 2009, 11:03:00 AM

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Mr Chips

Quote from: simon on May 08, 2009, 10:39:55 AM
blah blah blah blah (sorry, don't mind me, I'm sure Mr. Chips is smarter than I am, but would someone just direct me to the damn holy grail already so I can stop looking for it in these endless threads....)

Mr Chips is smart enough to know that the Holy Grail does not exist. :nono:


Irony: If no one listened to Benjamin "Bugsy" Siegel there wouldn't have been a "Las Vegas".

I have been reading the threads.  I think what Mr. Chips is doing is quite wonderful.
The paradox is that Mr. Chips has won 600 units in an "unbeatable" game looking at the maths.
If he succeeds in this endeavor, not only could he affect roulette, but Baccarat, Blackjack, Sports, anything where there is an even chance bet.
Moreover Mr. Chips would be in contention for the Nobel Prize in Science.

The fact you're getting all of this opposition means you're getting close.   :thumbsup:

Mr Chips

Thanks for your comments.
This is an unusual thread as I am actually looking for constructive criticism. I am not looking for comments that say this or that is impossible, as
I want specific details. Certain people have been very helpful and I am very grateful to them.
Producing verifiable results is not a problem. I know that the maths relating to roulette is incorrect and hopefully my efforts to provide a 'proof'
would make this a reality.
At the present time I am discussing the proof and the Signum system outside of this thread, so there may be few discussions here, but I will continue
to produce the results in the other thread.

Mr Chips

Mr Chips