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Re: Various progressions
September 05, 2008, 11:16:15 AM
Thanks Talesman

I was under the impression we had to combine these two sets to form a betting scheme. I didn't realize that they had already been combined. No problems then, I'll take it from here.

Thanks again

TTT ::)



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Re: Various progressions
September 08, 2008, 08:58:12 PM

I am sure it said that the Lucas was combined with the Fibo for the author to arrive at the published numbers.

I'd have a better handle on that as many of the progressions in that file related to a post at VIP.  VIP went dark and took all my references with it.



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Re: Various progressions
March 23, 2009, 01:49:29 AM
Hello Abbers,

Good job,this will be useful for all in the development of systems :thumbsup:


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Re: Various progressions
October 13, 2014, 05:37:49 AM
How would a 18 number Progression look like?


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this is progressive

and will be better if we also bet on number direct, the return will faster,

just choose few number in same zone for consistence bet

it work


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The anything before invest

if to know the ROI

Before start playing progressive

need to choose a wheel that repeat the number frequenctly

check the hot number
out of 5`6 hot number
if not repeat at last 20 spin

bad wheel

also beware, the hot number how it count, is that hot number of last 30 spin, 50 spin, 100 spin, 200 spin or 400 spin.?

using the last 50-30 spin as analysis

400 spin data is useless reference.

as pattern change every 40 cycle

play small by buying some insurance on none expected number too .,

when win, use that win chip to bet for big

same in business
when business not earn money, we pump in more money may either make the business survive or make the lost bigger

bad business is bad business and useless to invest further, cut lost is the point.

bad wheel is bad wheel, no point to sacrified money on maupulated wheel that hard to have repeat number happen.

good situation selection is much important than how hard you progressive in

catching fish in sea is much easy than in desert.

choose the sea with plenty of same species of fish  and start what every your hardwork there