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Started by simon, May 03, 2009, 12:07:51 PM

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Hello Mr. Six, can you please tell me how to apply the law of the third to a situation where there are ten possible outcomes?  I am working on finals systems and there are ten possible outcomes for the finals (0 - 9) (although 3 sets of finals 7-9 have three number each, 6 sets of finals 1-6 have four numbers each, and one set of finals the zeroes has 5 numbers on American wheel) but basically I want to know within ten spins (assuming say 4 numbers in each final), how many of these ten possible outcomes can we expect to show within ten spins and how many can we expect to repeat?  Thank you!

Number Six


The amount of numbers contained in each grouping is something of an irrelevance. The wheel might as well only have ten numbers, 0-9. Considering the number of combinations/permutations, or how those groups can appear in 10 spins, the answer you are looking for is 3 to repeat. However, 10 spins is a relatively small number, meaning 3 to repeat is an unreliable expectation. All 10 groups/finals could easily appear in some order in the 10 spins. I really don't think the law of the third can be applied with reliability to such a small sample. As the number of spins in the interval diminishes, so does the law. It doesn't appear as strongly anywhere as it would over 37 spins.


Thank you Number Six.