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My results

Started by djroulette, May 03, 2009, 03:37:40 PM

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In this section I will keep a running total of all my bets I make on tennis

Starting Bankroll = £1000


here we go

KOHLSCHREIBER, Philipp vsPHAU, Bjorn  selection = Philipp Kohlschreiber odds 1.22 bet £4 WON   +0.88p

YOUZHNY, Mikhail vs MINAR, Ivo  selection = Mikhail Youzhny odds 1.53 bet £3  WON  +£1.59

KIEFER, Nicolas vs GULBIS, Ernests  selection = Nicolas Kiefer odds 1.89 bet £4 WON  +£3.56

KOROLEV, Evgeny vs CHARDY, Jeremy  selection = Evgeny Korolev odds 1.78 £4 LOST -£4

BRANDS, Daniel vs KOUBEK, Stefan   selection = Daniel Brands odds 2.46 £4 WON £5.84

BOHLI, Stephanevs BOLELLI, Simone   selection = Simone Bolelli odds 1.18 £5 WON 0.90P

STARACE, Potito  vs KUNITSYN, Igor selection = Potito Starace odds 1.58 £2 WON £1.16

VASSALLO ARGUELLO, Martin vs GREMELMAYR, Denis selection   = Martin Vassallo Arguello odds 1.54 £5 LOST -£5

HEWITT, Lleyton  vs  PETZSCHNER, Philipp =  Lleyton Hewitt odds 1.18= £4 WON 0.72P

BECK, Andreas  vs ZVEREV, Mischa  selection = Mischa Zverev odds 1.78 = £2 LOST £2

PEYA, Alexander vs BENNETEAU, Julien   selection = Julien Benneteau  odds 1.13 =£4 WON £0.52

OUAHAB, Lamine vs MATHIEU, Paul-Henri   selection = Paul-Henri Mathieu  odds 1.21=£5  WON £1.05P

SCHUETTLER, Rainer vs DE BAKKER, Thiemo  selection  =  Thiemo De Bakker  odds 3 = £3  WON  £6

KLOER, Sascha vs BERDYCH, Tomas   selection = Tomas Berdych  odds 1.09 = £5 WON 0.45P

KINDLMANN, Dieter vs  CILIC, Marin  selection = Marin Cilic  odds 1.11 =£5  WON =0.55P

TIPSAREVIC, Janko vs ROITMAN, Sergio   selection = Janko Tipsarevic odds 1.28 £5 WON +£1.25

KRAJINOVIC, Filip vs GRANOLLERS, Marcel   selection = Marcel Granollers odds 1.28 £5  WON £1.40

QUERREY, Sam vs TROICKI, Viktor   selection   =Viktor Troicki odds 1.62 £4  WON  £2.48

ODESNIK, Wayne  vs MAYER, Leonardo  selection  = Wayne Odesnik odds 1.85 £3 LOST -£3

DANIEL, Marcos  vs  CANAS, Guillermo  selection  = Guillermo Canas odds 1.54 £3  LOST -£4

ROCHUS, Christophe vs DEVILDER, Nicolas  selection = Christophe Rochus 1.45 £4   WON = £1.80

CLEMENT, Arnaud  vs DARCIS, Steve   selection = Arnaud Clement 1.55 £2  WON £1.10

DABUL, Brian vs MASSU, Nicolas   selection = Brian Dabu odds 1.46 £3 WON £1.38

Crivoi, Victor vs Ljubicic, Ivan  selection = Ivan Ljubicic  odds 1.46 £3  WON £1.38

Flavio Cipolla vs Marcos Baghdatis  selection = Flavio Cipolla odds 2.6 £4  WON £6.40



What site do you use for betting DJ?


i tend to use betfair matty as you get much higher odds than normal bookies. Also i do a fair bit of in play betting which betfair is best for



Second round Munich

ALMAGRO,Nicolas vs YOUZHNY,Mikhail selection = Mikhail Youzhny odds 2.92=£3 WON £5.76

KIEFER, Nicolas  vs  CHARDY, Jeremy  selection = Nicolas Kiefer  ods 1.78=£4  LOST -£4

Andreas Beck vs BERDYCH, Tomas  selection = Andreas Beck odds 1.72 =£2 LOST -£2

BENNETEAU, Julien vs BRANDS, Daniel selection = Julien Benneteau odds 1.21 =£4 LOST -£4

BOLELLI, Simone vs STARACE, Potito selection = Potito Starace odds 1.8=£3  WON £2.40

GREMELMAYR, Denis vs MATHIEU, Paul-Henri selection = Paul-Henri Mathieu odds 1.32 = £5 WON £1.60

DE BAKKER, Thiemo vs HEWITT, Lleyton selection = Thiemo De Bakker odds 3.5 =£3 LOST -£3

KOHLSCHREIBER, Philipp vs CILIC, Marin selection = Philipp Kohlschreiber odds 1.63 = £3 LOST -£3

I wonder what will happen this round then

all matches so far


Second Round Serbian Open

Marcel Granollers vs Victor Troicki selection = Victor Troicki odds 1.32 £4 WON £1.28

Lukasz Kubot vs Igor Andreev selection = Igor Andreev odds 1.23  £5 LOST -£5 (ANDREEV RETIRED)

Christophe Rochus vs Kristof Vliegen  selection = Christophe Rochus odds 1.4 £3 LOST £3

Novak Djokovic vs Janko Tipsarevic  selection = Janko Tipsarevic  odds 6.8 £2 LOST -£2

CLEMENT, Arnaud vs CIPOLLA, Flavio  selection = Flavio Cipolla  odds  1.92 £3 WON £2.76

DABUL, Brian vs KARLOVIC, Ivo  selection = Ivo Karlovic  odds  1.44 £4 WON £1.76

MAYER, Leonardo vs SEPPI, Andreas selction = Andreas Seppi  odds  1.37 £5 WON £1.85

Ivan Ljubicic vs Marcos Daniel  selection = Ivan Ljubicic  odds 1.32 £5  LOST -£5


I will update


Munich quater final

YOUZHNY, Mikhail vs MATHIEU, Paul-Henri  selection = Mikhail Youzhny odds 2.08  £2 WON £2.16

CHARDY, Jeremy vs CILIC, Marin  selection = Marin Cilic odds 1.63 £4 LOST -£4

STARACE, Potito vs BRANDS, Daniel   selection = Potito Starace  odds 1.92 £4 LOST -£4 (Starace retired beginning of 2nd set)

HEWITT, Lleyton vs BERDYCH, Tomas  selection = Lleyton Hewitt odds 1.89 £3 LOST -£3


Serbia Quater-finals

VLIEGEN, Kristof vs KUBOT, Lukasz  selection = Lukasz Kubot  odds 2.74 £3 (changed from £1-3 due to bankroll) WON £5.22

DJOKOVIC, Novak vsTROICKI, Viktor  selection = Novak Djokovic odds 1.11 £5 WON £0.55P

SEPPI, Andreas vs DANIEL, Marcos   selection = Marcos Daniel  odds 3.4 £1 LOST -£1

CIPOLLA, Flavio vs  KARLOVIC, Ivo  selection = Ivo Karlovic odds 1.62 £4 WON £2.48

Total Profit = £7.23 (including munich)


Munich Semi-Finals

BRANDS, Daniel vs Mikhail Youzhny   selection = Mikhail Youzhny odds 1.31 £5  WON = £1.55

BERDYCH, Tomas vs CHARDY, Jeremy  selection = Jeremy Chardy odds 2.28 £2 LOST =-£2


Serbian Open Semi-Finals

DJOKOVIC, Novak vs SEPPI, Andreas selection = Novak Djokovic odds 1.08 £5 WON = £0.40P

KUBOT, Lukasz  vs KARLOVIC, Ivo  selection = Ivo Karlovic odds 1.32 £4 LOST =-£4

Total profit = £3.18

bad round here. can't beleive Karlovic lost


Munich Final

Mikhail Youzhny vs BERDYCH, Tomas  selection = Mikhail Youzhny odds 2.3 £5 LOST -£5

Youzhny beat him in the semi finals of Munich two years ago and leads 5-3 overall. Although Berdych beat him a few weeks ago he has never beaten him on clay

Serbian Open Final

KUBOT, Lukasz vs DJOKOVIC, Novak  selection = Novak Djokovic  odds 1.04 £5 WON 0.20P

Novak has to much for this guy. Lukasz has ridden his luck this far however this is one step to far

Some very starnge results this week and a lot of people pulling out injured. Hopefully these 2 will come in for me.

Here we go then end of the first week and the end result was a loss of £1.62.

Today i feel robbed. Youzhny saved 3 match points in the third set against Berdych and then went 5-1 up in the tie-break and lost. Could not beleive it.

Overall i am quite happy with the week all in all as i had a lot of good results but was let down a lot by people retiring from matches. In coming weeks i am only going to show the results of bets i actually lay in rea life betting. This way you can get more of a feel for the way i am betting.

many thanks for those of you following this thread



Madrid Masters First Round

Fro now on I will only post tips and bets that I am actually making due to my exams at the moment

Mardy FISH vs Janko Tipsarevic selection = Janko Tipsarevic odds 1.68 £3 LOST -££

Janko won their last meeting earlier on this year and is playing well at the moment.

Oscar HERNANDEZ vs Martin VASSALLO ARGUELLO  selection = Martin Vassallo Arguello odds 2.64 £4 LOST -£4

He has won both of their meetings on clay and is in reasoable for at the moment. should get through this one

Philipp KOHLSCHREIBER vs Nicolas ALMAGRO  selection = Philipp Kohlschreiber odds 2.44 £3 WON £4.32

Almagro is an out n out clay courter however has had some bad losses on the clay so far this year. Kohlschreiber although not gone deep in any of the clay tournaments has had good wins in all his first rounds matches but has come up against tough opponents in the 2nd.

Paul-Henri MATHIEU VS Fabio FOGNINI  selection = Paul-Henri Mathieu odds 1.59 £3 LOST -£3

Paul-Henri is in great form at the moment and I think he will win comfortably here.

Jose ACASUSO vs Jeremy Chardy  selection = Jeremy Chardy odds 1.64 £4 WON £2.56

Jeremy had a great week last week and I think he is the strong favourite here and this is a great value bet.

Hi guys sorry not been updating internet in my area is down i will update as soon as possible.


These are my first round match choices