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Hello rjeaton1,

Would you please  send me a copy of your Four Spins to Win system. 
Thanks you for sharing!!    :)

gonlag2000@yahoo. es



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No problem, well actually, what would be easier for you is to just check out the members downloads section.  It's in there now  :)



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Sorry, I haven't posted any test results in a couple days.  Been caught up in RJ's 4 spins to win.  Here's my latest session with this system.  56 spins, +97 units.  Still have not lost a session (ie gone further than 31 spins and not winning)

So far in all 4 session I am up +365 units



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Could you please kindly send me a copy of your "Four Spins to Win" system.
Please send the file Four_Spins_to_Win System.dgt (RXtreme code)
washingtonplx @ gmail com
Thanks & Regards


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