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Four Spins to Win System - Played with Real Money at Go Casino - See Inside

Started by rjeaton1, May 15, 2009, 05:57:46 PM

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 Special Thanks to Rpro and MattJono for their thoughts, it helped me to come out with this system!

Quote from: rjeaton1 on May 15, 2009, 04:41:36 PM
I have made a 27 minute (167 spins...when you turn the animation off at Go Casino as soon as you hit spin it returns the number) un-cut video of me playing my "Four Spins to Win System" WITH REAL MONEY at Go Casino (the same company that produced Golden Casino & Online Vegas).  If you choose to watch the whole video here's what you'll see happen:

I win 15 for 15 betting sessions for a total profit of just under $200.  I don't ever have a drawdown of more than $100 or so (and that happens only once), and I don't ever stake more than 4 units on any given number (also only happens once), the rest of the time my max stake on each number is 2 units.

I was originally not going to post any results of this new system (for numerous reasons) until I got the RX coding for it back.  But I'm too excited and can't help but show you guys.

Anyway, after extensive testing of my new 4 spins to win system (I'm not calling this the HG either), it proved to be a winner much more often than not.  I tested a little over 1,000 spins (I know that's actually not a lot in the grand scheme of things, but it was enough to give me a glimpse...you can download the betting history of those spins at the bottom of this post.)  So I decided to put my money where my mouth is.  That stats of those 1000 spins or so is as follows:

I win all my betting sessions except for 4.  Each betting session lost is a 136 unit blow to my bankroll (no insane progressions here guys, just the average in my opinion.  Maybe even less than average if you look at some of the other systems on this forum).  Even with those 4 sessions lost I come out ahead just under 500 units.  Also, I didn't go below the amout of money that I walked into their with.  That's right, finally a system that allows for losses and you just keep on playing as you normally would and still have a bankroll to show for it.

The video is huge (sorry guys, but it's 27 minutes long, at a whopping 367 mb.)  It is currently uploading to mediafire and when it is finished I will post the link to download it, should anybody choose to want to see it.  If not, please post that opinion here so I don't waste my time.

Remember, the tests done at Go Casino (the ones referenced in these posts of mine) are done with REAL MONEY, not play money

Please read the above, it is a post I made recently in the Testing Section.  Video Download Link Showing My Live Play Sessions for the Video Referenced Above:  nolinks://nolinks.megaupload.com/?d=8RDP1J2O

The system itself will be posted here shortly, as I am getting an overwhelming amount of requests to see the system, as well as a lot of posts about it in the "Ten Spins to Win Thread" (which is entirely my fault, I mentioned it to soon I think.  Sorry about that.).

In the meantime, you can check out my spin results of the testing I did before I took this system live below (it's actually a little over 1,100 spins).  Also, please let me know if I am wasting my time with the videos.  I know it's a really big file to download, so I would completely understand if you guys are against it.  I just finished my second session of real betting at Go Casino and my BR is now $715.  That means since the start of the first video I am at exactly a $206 profit...WooHoo!!

(If you guys want, I can post the second video as well.  It is only 12 minutes or so, meaning it's much smaller than the first).

I have now played on Go Casino a total of 7 times for a profit of over $800 in two days.  You can see the exact results by following this thread.  There is also a video (shorter videos mostly) for each and every session played.  You can find those by going through this post as well.


Also, since the system I have already posted (ten spins) and this are kind of complicated to track (it's actually very easy once you understand, I am just not the best at explaining I think) I have tried to nip what I think will be a common request (as it was with Ten Spins) in bud of getting the RX coding for ths system.

I currently have two different programmers (I free'd up some cash) working on Ten Spins and Four Spins.  (It's a bit of a social experiment to see which programmer works faster).  So as soon as I have the coding for each one, I will post it immediately.  We're looking at a time table of 2-3 days (hopefullly)


Hey RJ

What do you think on droping the units down,  and putting the system in software form. i could just see this thing working on its own with a betting unit of 1cent, nickels or even dimes. this thing could make alot of money in a 24hr period.


Good Luck with real money and take up the good work RJ !!  :clapping:


RJ, Thank you for putting so much time and effort into your systems and explanations.  Taking cash out of your pocket for the benefit of others is commendable and I for one can't wait to test your new system.


Quote from: RPro75 on May 15, 2009, 08:03:45 PM
RJ, Thank you for putting so much time and effort into your systems and explanations.  Taking cash out of your pocket for the benefit of others is commendable and I for one can't wait to test your new system.

No Problem!  (Thank you for the thanks, lol).  It is coming soon enough Rpro, I promise.  In the meantime as promised here is the video link for my live play session at Go Casino:  nolinks://nolinks.megaupload.com/?d=8RDP1J2O


Alright, I have now gone onto Go Casino 3 times today.  I will give the stats for each of those three times below (and for those who want to check this to make sure it's true, then please download the videos.)  I currently only have the video download link posted for the first time I went onto Go Casino as the videos are large and require 1 to 2 hours each to upload.  But they will be posted all in due time.

First time on Go Casino Stats:  27 Minutes, 167 Spins, 15 Betting Sessions Won (none lost), Profit - Just under $200 - video link: nolinks://nolinks.megaupload.com/?d=8RDP1J2O

Second Time on Go Casino Stats:  14 Minutes, 96 Spins, 5 Betting Sessions Won (none lost), Profit - Just over $20 (I think it was just over $20, if not it was pretty close.  My ending bankroll was $715, but you can see for yourself when you watch the video) - Video link: nolinks://nolinks.megaupload.com/?d=GF7XQDYU

Third Time on Go Casino Stats:  26 Minutes, 161 Spins, 11 Betting Sessions Won (none lost), Profit  +$148 - video link: nolinks://nolinks.megaupload.com/?d=S6JKNR84

So, Since I first started my first time on Go Casino I am roughly +$363 dollars.  A total of 67 minutes of playing time,  a total of 424 spins of the wheel and  a total of 31 betting sessions won (none lost).

As I said earlier, there is already one video posted and the other two will be coming later tonight (they take forever to upload, but download very quickly.)

Enjoy!  (The system will be posted soon,  I just want you guys to see the results before you see the system this time.)


Also, in the videos you'll notice that I place one unit on Red and Black when I'm not betting.  This is because in the US there aren't any online casinos (that I'm aware of anyway) that allow you to spin the wheel without betting.  This is my solution to that problem.  You'll also notice there are times when you go long periods of time without betting.  This may not suit everybody, and if that's the case this system isn't for you.  However, it is my opinion that a system that allows you to win may not be the easiest to play...   Just something to think about.


That is great!  Incredibly happy for you RJ!   :yahoo:

I've been using RPro's last version of the "Unique Number Tracker" to play this system and it's fairly easy to keep track of everything.  That's really great though, can't wait to get out of here (work) and watch those videos.


Quote from: celiza427 on May 15, 2009, 08:46:56 PM
That is great!  Incredibly happy for you RJ!   :yahoo:

I've been using RPro's last version of the "Unique Number Tracker" to play this system and it's fairly easy to keep track of everything.  That's really great though, can't wait to get out of here (work) and watch those videos.

Thank you so much Celiza!  I have to give a big thanks to you, Rpro, Loufran, Simon & many others for being the big source of encouragement that you are.  The contributions that all you guys make are what make this forum the valuable resource that it is.  Thanks again!  (System to be posted soon).


This System is Now Available for Download Here: nolinks://vlsroulette.com/downloads/?sa=view;id=376

Some highlights of this new system are as follows:

Once a betting session begins, it lasts for 4 spins.  You either win or you lose.

On a loss, you lose 136 units if your minimum acceptable profit is set to 1 unit (that is the minimum, not the most you'll win)

No crazy progressions.  After 4 spins, that's it.

Sometimes it takes awhile before you can actually place a bet.  If you're not a patient person, this is not the system for you.

It's the reasons above and more (for one, me wanting to have the RX coding for this system before posting.  But I'm too excited to hear what peoples results are testing this system.  Once I have the RX coding, it will be posted for everybody.)  that I wanted to show you actual results using this system before posting.  I figured if I wanted you guys to test it, I should make myself the guinea pig first to see if it was a waste of time or not.  Doesn't seem to be yet!

Enjoy everyone.  Let me know what you think!


Hey guys, just wanted to let you know that video number two is now uploaded and ready for download here: nolinks://nolinks.megaupload.com/?d=GF7XQDYU  Enjoy!


Oh, and by the way, the first 9 minutes of video two are rather boring as I don't get to place a bet.  The last 4 minutes is when I win all 5 sessions.  Just a heads up so you don't watch the video and wonder what the h3ll is going on, lol.


Alright, I just finished "sit down number 4" at Go Casino here are the stats:

21 minutes long, 101 spins, 10 sessions won, 2 sessions lost for a total profit of +$146

That's a total of 87 minutes of playtime today, 525 spins of the wheel, 41 sessions won, 2 sessions lost (consistent with my 1,100 spin test data so far, except a little more money made.  But lost to won session ratio is about the same.)

My BR is now $1,009!!!!!!!!

I have now made $500 today!!!!  WahHOoo!

Again, for the naysayers or those that don't believe me, please download the videos.  I will have video #3 up in 33 minutes (roughly) and I will then upload this one (again, I know their big, but they are certainly worth watchin!)....well, they encourage me anyway, lol.