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My first system / idea...

Started by wiggy, April 07, 2008, 06:50:00 AM

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Hey guys...
I'm not that creative when it comes to systems so I rely on mostly what i read online... (I don't play roulette that often, but I'm trying to find something that works for me) - Still trying to get some of the ideas on this forum to make sense to me... (Plus find the time to read all those explanations lol)

Well...here's what I thought of... Based on the 8:1 bets...I thought alternating each and every bet between the two following places...
Bet#1 Place 1 unit on the intersection of (2,3,5,6)(7,8,10,11)(14,15,17,18)(19,20,22,23)(26,27,29,30)(31,32,34,35)
Bet#2 Place 1 unit on the intersection of (1,2,4,5)(8,9,11,12)(13,14,16,17)(20,21,23,24)(25,26,28,29)(32,33,35,36)
On each of these Bet's also place 1 unit on the Zero.

Every spin you should place a bet and every spin alternates between Bet#1 & #2

On a loss the progression would quadruple from 1 unit on each intersection to 4 units and 2 units on the Zero
Progression is as follows
1st Bet - Intersecion: 1 unit, Zero: 1 unit (Total: 7 units)
2nd Bet - Intersection: 4 units, Zero: 2 units (Total: 26 units)
3rd Bet - Intersection: 12 units, Zero: 4 units (Total: 100 units)

3 losses would wipe out a 133unit bankroll. The casino I go to has roulette with .50cent bets so my bankroll ould need to be $66.50.

If anybody would like to add anything around this to perhaps make it more sound or viable then please do so... This is my first system... (Haven't really tested it - Just looking for your thoughts here)

Let me know...

-- Dave


Wiggy these are 8/1 bets NOT 11/1  .Colin


Apologies... lol I was in a rush and wanted to get all this out before I had to go Gymnastics :P


Hey wiggy,  [smiley=welcome/welcome.gif] to the forum.

And no apologies mate, this is why the Brainstorming section is here... Posting systems "with no strings attached" ;)

Just make the proper edits as per Colin's advice, and nothing happened.  [smiley=vrolijk_1.gif]

Best Regards.


I'm going to hit my local (or not so local) casino in town tonight and give this a shot.
I'm taking a slightly different approach than what I mentioned here.

I'm going to wait until a spin comes up that would have lost me a bet on either Bet #1 or #2. Then bet that Bet#

ex. Virtual spin until I see Bet#1 (Or Bet#2) lost... I then wager on Bet# that lost than alternate to #2 than back to #1 on losses.

This at least gives me an extra progression for the system.

After a win I will then wait for a loss to come out.
I will aim to be 50units up from my bankroll.

I will post tomorrow on how I went!


Hi Guys... I came out 50 units up!! yay...
I reached my third progression 3 times (Heart in my mouth)... But luckily I stuck with it...

I'm not sure but i think it might be a little more stable if If I wait for either Bet#1 or #2 to lose then bet against that happening 4 times in a row with this system.

I'll give it another shot soon. I welcome any/all feedback.