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Ultimate RXtreme .DGT File - Test Any Inside #'s System You Can Dream Up

Started by rjeaton1, June 02, 2009, 01:14:52 AM

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hi guys,

am kinda confuse how rjeaton1 can run the system and do bettings at the same time while he goes to sleep? Rjeaton can i just ask is this program able to make bettings for you automatically on online casinos once you set it to your correct requirements? would love to give it a try later on but need some guidance.  pardon my ignorance.  thanks guys!


Hey there guys, I believe I found the system I am going to use for live play (real money).  To make sure I am going to let it run overnight again and see how it fairs.

It is designed for a single zero wheel.  Again, same as today, when I wake up tomorrow I will post the results and the settings for it.

The feed should be live in about ten minutes.  As soon as I have it set up I will be going to sleep so I won't be around to talk to you guys.  But feel free to watch if you'd like.

Again, the link to watch the live feed is nolinks://nolinks.livestream.com/liveroulettefeed



Awesome, I'll be tuning in  :thumbsup:  I've found a couple of decent ways to play but they're pretty conservative and I can't settle on anything yet.  Still tweaking it.  Excited to see your results.


This is live now, it is slow going, and it is designed to win only once a day (using a bot of course).  When that win happens it profits 100 units.



I just got up for a minute to see how this was going - can't wait to see how it does  :diablo: haha. 

Good thing I did, as I realized this was the more aggressive of two settings.  This one is meant for those outside the US who can play with .10 as units.  The one I meant to do an overnight test of was the one for those living in the US where we only have 1.00 as the smallest unit amount to bet with.

The one you see now, using .10 as units, would have a largest drawdown of $500.00  using 1.00 as units, that would be $5,000 a bit out of my comfort zone, haha.

The one I will do tomorrow night will be the one that is SIGNIFICANTLY more slow going, although the graph will look the same.  The drawdowns are less, but it wins less often.  From the tests I did on my own of it, the largest drawdown was still around $300, and is designed to win only once a day with a 100 unit profit on that win.

Alright, going to go back to bed now.  If you're watching enjoy!  and don't be insulted if I don't answer in the chat room as I will be sleeping.  Take Care!


What settings are you using for this rj? Do you reccomend a rng?



Quote from: sean43 on June 03, 2009, 07:31:34 PM
lol I keep tanking around 10k spins. Howd the test go RJ!!

I know, it's a pain watching it climb, climb, climb....and then tank...haha

Happens to me allllll the time.

My test went well, just not live play well...unfortunately.  I will post the results here soon enough, I'm just using my other computer right now to get data from an online casino.

I will also post the user input settings here for anybody that wants to see what the results would look like for themselves.

After I woke up and saw it, I made a couple more adjustments and I think I may have found something worthy of live play.  I'll be letting everybody know soon enough.


Quote from: sean43 on June 04, 2009, 06:59:21 PM
any more news rj?

For the most recent update on how I'm doing you can check it out here: nolinks://vlsroulette.com/general-board/my-last-step-before-live-play-with-a-bot-for-real-money/

When I get those 200,000 spins I mention in that thread, I will be testing them live overnight again here for everybody to see.


Alright, I just wanted to let you guys know I fixed a couple of "bugs" with this RXtreme Coding.  A couple of people using it let me know there were some features that didn't seem to be working correctly (particularly the "minimum and maximum un-hit numbers before betting" feature)

The min. max un-hit number before betting feature has been changed to "minimum number of numbers to bet on and maximum number of numbers to bet on before betting begins"

Also, in my first post in this thread all I did was tell you guys the "features" of this program, and what each of the settings did.  I did not however explain any of the benefits of this system.

Basically, ANY Inside Number Betting system you dream up can be executed and tested with this program.

Let me give you a few examples:

Want to track 200 spins of the wheel and then bet only on sleepers?  How about only bet on the sleepers after 200 spins if there is only 1 sleeper?  2 sleepers?  or how about you want to track 200 spins and only bet on sleepers if there are 5 of them?  You can test that.

Want to bet on those sleepers flat betting or with a progression?  You can test that to.

Or, maybe you want to track 20 spins of the wheel and only bet on numbers hit twice, and only place bets until spin 37 hoping that a number triples.  You can test that too.

Or, maybe you want to track 20 spins of the wheel and only place bets on numbers hit one time?  Or, maybe you only want to bet on the numbers hit one time IF NO NUMBER HAS COME OUT TWICE?  You can test all of this.

Or, maybe you want to track 37 spins of the wheel, and only bet on numbers hit one time if in those 37 spins ONLY 18 different numbers came out, and then bet on those single hit numbers for 14 spins with a progression, but stop short in the progression if you've lost more than 127 units, and then START BETTING AGAIN at the start of the progression.

You can push this program to ANY EXTREME you want.

Literally, just about any Inside Number System you can think of, flat betting, progression, triples, doubles, singles, sleepers...or any combination of those you can dream up, can be tested with this program.

The updated and Final version of this .DGT file is located here: nolinks://vlsroulette.com/downloads/?sa=view;id=395

If you have any questions about how to configure this file to make it bet a system that you have dreamt up, ask here and I will do my best to answer you.

I must warn you however, this can be quite a discouraging program to run....I have lost COUNTLESS hours of my life to it, haha, trying to come up with something that wins long term.  There are literally an infinite amount of settings to this thing, and you'll be hunting for that winning system for hours on end once you really figure out how everything works.

Again, any questions, this is the place to ask them.


I think I may have found a decent set of settings for this thing...again...finally...haha

I will report soon, I'm at 450,000 spins right now but I want to hit 1,000,000 before I say anything for sure.


Hopefully RJ! Ive been testing and testing and just cant get the exact right settings.