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Personal apology

Started by Clothdog, June 10, 2009, 01:28:59 AM

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I would like to personally apologize for previous remarks made against Steve nolinks://nolinks.genuinewinner.com and his system which I had purchased a few yrs ago. After reading the post by Ronjo and respecting his integrity and his testing I realized Ronjo was very truthful in regards to Steve's computer system. I admit i have won with Steve's system(not computer) but unfairly criticized his system saying it didn't work when in fact it did when I did my due diligence with it. he was also available when I called him from the states. It was perhaps out of laziness with his system that I unduly called him a scammer. After revisiting his sytem again and doing my due diligence, I can say that his sytem does work when applied properly. One night after charting spins on a single zero table I played one number and hit for $850 on the first spin. Missed on the next but hit on the 3rd again. another $850. And walked out with $1675. Does it happen all the time? No. but when applied properly will produce profits. Again since Steve is on the board here I wanted to set the record straight with a clean slate.


How gratifying to see......

1.  An honest admission that he was wrong,

2.  A sincere apology,

3.  A testimony that there are methods to beat the wheel.

My collar is off to you, CD.


Mr J

Very well put clothdog!  Ken


Takes a big person to admit mistakes, specially on forums, where one can get away with anything.

My hat off to you!



Ditto to everybody elses comments  ;D.  Great to hear ClothDog and thanks for the great post   :pleasantry:


Thankyou Clothdog. It does indeed take balls and integrity to say something like this. Most people in your position would stick to the "scammer" story and would never budge in fear of how they would look. I know of a few other people that would never take the step you did - mostly a pride thing. So I just keep publishing truth hoping people will see that over little names like "scammer". Truth before pride - admirable. Again thankyou.

The Spiders Kiss


In GG someone used his system and lost with it so I  dunno what to believe  and they didnt feel sorry dor the poor dude either he got a serve big time from the members there not Steve but the guy who buy it


If someone is a genuine player and doesn't profit, on my forum, provided they dont break forum rules, I will not ban them. If they have permission before posting and revealing they are a player, they will not be banned as a player. If they do it without permission, then yes they will be banned. I will not delete their posts. I will allow them to state their case and/or claims that I'm a scammer if that's what they believe, and in a logical process I will state my case. Then people can decide for themselves. but the problem is the people attacking me have 'other motives', and for them it is not a matter of truth. Take mark howe, bago and forester for example - can you see any of them saying anything even REMOTELY positive about me? Or am I Satan himself according to them?

As for my players, not all are successful - I have always said this. Advantage play is legitimate, but it's not for all people - it is not like betting red/black. What makes the difference between success and failure is the player - how frequently they seek support, their communication with me, their effort, and whether or not they have expectations of winning $1m blindfolded without effort. I care very much about the success of my players. I am an honest person. What usually gives me a bad name is when a player breaches the contracts, I ban them - I am very strict on this. And when they are banned, they tend to go all-out attacking me. There have been numerous different cases with unhappy players on the warpath, and when they are on that path, the truth is quite irrelevant to them.


Quote from: Spike on September 02, 2009, 02:53:06 AM
You can polish a dog t**d till your blue in the face and in the end its still a dog t**d..

I tried platting s*ite but that was just a disaster..... :blush2:


Quote from: xman1970 on September 02, 2009, 03:30:32 AM
I tried platting s*ite but that was just a disaster..... :blush2:

xman you need help...


Spike: Nice of you to assume everyone is the same... Not prejudice at all. ;) What did your friend blow his money on?

But at least now we know why you are bitter.