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Roulet with 0,10 bet

Started by cippe, July 07, 2009, 07:17:15 PM

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Hi, can you tell me some casinĂ² with minimum bet of 0,10 euro or less for roulette?

The Spiders Kiss

Hi Cippe
There are a few around..I personally use Joyland.Find it at nolinks.   joyland     .com(without the spaces)



Good, Betvoyager has 0,01 bet but i'm looking also for fast mode play :/


Also nolinks.casinoeuro .com
The currency used there is indeed euro and there is roulette table with minimal 0.10Euro and max 5000.00Euro!


Progression won't save ya. . . .  no matter how small you start.   8)


Some playtech roulette with 0,01 minimum? I need to make some test


You may like to take a look at prestige casino. They have minimum bet of .10 and they even pay out your winnings.  :lol: I would not touch joyland with a bargepole but that is just my own personal opinion.


Quote from: cippe on September 02, 2009, 09:16:24 PM
Some playtech roulette with 0,01 minimum? I need to make some test

I've spent a lot of time looking in the past but I don't think one exists, 0.10 is the minimum i've seen playtech go to.  As esoito said Betvoyager is 0.01 but as you've pointed out, you won't get the same fast play as at a playtech platform casino.


bigdog - 3 1/2 years back to the bobbi post ?                  "beginner" ?             :lol:

If you can beat ("not that hard") any live Euro wheel what do you consider lots of money, 1/2 million Euro ? 1 million Euro ?  Roulette Crusher software gets a bit of a plug too ?

Why be fooling around with stale old posts instead of continuing to take any of these casinos to the cleaners ? 

It all sounds too good to be true ?


Dublinbet has $0.10 tables now.

A real, live casino featuring low limit tables via remote gaming sure is more suitable for many than plenty of other online offerings :yes:



 Hello friend, I would like to inform you that Party casino offer a roulette table with a minimum bet of 10 pence with advertised unlimited stake. ... If you are live in  mainland Europe, you can play in euros too with limits again of 10 cents up to €4000.  Thanks