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Hi everyone

It seems slow around here.It looks like I'm the only one here that's brings something to the table.
Most all here know that I teach that any kind of progression,past results and that NO system works unless they can see the future and we all know people here hasn't invented that yet.

So why do people keep telling people that this crap works ,well I know and the rumors that go around this should be looked and. I know the answer and some here also know but it seems fear in posting it is far to great..

Anyhow I always bring something to the table so here it is.

I have posted here with new Idea's we all know that the old crap never worked and never will.

It's a fact when new Idea's are posted as I have they get tore apart by the people that only want their own old idea's that never did work or ever will work to stay forever.This has to stop period someday so why not now.

I think we all know we already have a spot  here for all the old crap that never will work which is the case we have now. But open up a place were new Idea's that work with facts backing them up.

I think most would like to see a lot more of new idea's  We can maybe get some of the best of the best in the world to come up with completely new idea's that has never been thought of.If this did occur I thing it will be the end people losing and wasting their lives on the old crap.

At times I will even share some of my top secret inventions to help you over some of the dead ends that may occur.

Just think getting some of the greatest minds in the world together Wow. Anyhow I thought the main reason here was to beat the game it seems this isn't the truth, it's all about keeping the crap alive.

Just think of this for a second PLEASE. Progressions of any kind just can't work my friends. A school kid already knows this along with the casinos really know and the old stone age thing is dead.


James Albert Wendel



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 Here are 4 methods that all use flat betting and are original and for free. If they are all crap, I will eat my hat.

find them at

1) Even Chance + Numbers. With this method, you can back the even chances consisting of red/black, odd/even, and low/high. At the same time you can bet between 4/5 straight up numbers when the time is right. This is probably my best method and throws up some very consistent winnings.

DIFFICULTY RATING: 6/10. It is not the most difficult method to learn and should only take a few days to get the hang of it.

2) Three Columns Method. This is an explosive method betting between 1 and 7 numbers at certain times. It is good if you have a limited bankroll. You will find a full explanation of this method and the charts with the numbers you need to bet on.

DIFFICULTY RATING: 8/10. It can be hard to understand the three columns at first, however I have tried to explain it as best as I can and within a week if you study and practise with it, you will get the hang of it.


3) Same/Difference Method. The Same/Difference method is based on Dozens and Columns. You will be betting either 8 or 10 splits at a time. It is based on streaks and has proved very profitable for me.

DIFFICULTY RATING: 7/10.  If you can master the three columns method, then this is much easier to understand and you will have no problem. (if you study all the methods, you will notice a common theme running through them)

4) Lane Betting Method. The lane betting method has three variations. A conservative approach, a medium risk approach and finally an agressive strategy. This can have you betting just 2 lanes with the agressive approach and up to 6 lanes with the conservative approach. There is software that also comes with this method and can be used for playing online. However it is not that difficult and can be tracked on paper and played in B+M casinos as well.

DIFFICULTY RATING: 6/10. I personally think this is the easiest method to learn and with a few days study, you can be up and running.

Good luck with all my methods and I hope you get enjoyment out of studying them and have luck at the tables if you decide to play them.



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Hi James,
I read the title of the topic and here I am. Please let me know how I can help.
IMPORTANT. Do not progressions progressions of any kind, they will kick your a$$.
Thank you my friend.

Hi, Sausage.

James is after the worlds greatest minds so clearly you should be here. But could I ask, just at which end of the sausage is your mind?